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18 Week Bumpdate




18 weeks and counting:)!  We are FOUR days away from finding out what this little peanut is and words can not explain how anxious and excited I am!

1.)  Size: 



2.) Exercise:

Monday- 3 mile walk

Tuesday- REST day

Wednesday- Crossfit

Thursday- Short walk

Friday- Crossfit

Saturday- REST day

Sunday- 3.25 Walk/Run



3.) Symptoms:  I’m SO tired ALL the time and gassy ALL the time… my poor poor husband!



4.) Cravings:  My pickle craving has pretty much subsided.  I’m just hungry all the time!

5.) Stretch marks: Still none:)

6.) Movement: I think I felt the baby today!  Mike and I were on our way home from getting a bite to eat and I was talking on the phone to my mom and suddenly I got this rolling sensation in my tummy… it wasn’t butterflies but it was something that I’ve never felt before.  I haven’t felt it again though so I’m not sure…


7.) Other exciting things this week:

It doesn’t get more exciting than finding out what sex the baby is on Fri.!!!!  I just pray it isn’t laying weird that we can’t tell and I also pray that the baby regardless of the sex is still healthy and everything is growing like it should be.

Pregnancy while exciting can still be very scary and since I’m a worry wort I literally think of everything that can or could go wrong!  Thankfully Mike remains positive and encouraging.  He’s going to be such a great dad and experiencing all this with him makes it a thousand times easier and better.



16 Week Bumpdate


Yea today I’m officially 16 weeks pregnant!

1.) Size:  Baby S is now the size of an avocado…


2.) Exercise: 

Monday- Crossfit and I almost croaked… it was a hard workout.

Tuesday- I did a ton of yard work

Wednesday- REST DAY

Thursday- Hubby and I went on a 2.5 mile hike

Friday- Crossfit, I felt great and loved the workout.  The owner of the gym told me I look great and my arms and legs     are staying very toned… I NEEDED TO HEAR THIS!!!


3.)  Symptoms:  This week started off rough, I still had a lot of nausea and major fatigue.  However between yesterday and today I feel pretty damn good!  I’m still not showing too much but my boobs WILL NOT quit growing!  And the bigger the bra the uglier it gets folks!


4.) Cravings:  It’s so cliche but I haven’t been able to stop eating pickles this last week.  Bread and butter pickles to be exact!  I’ve eaten them with literally every single meal.  I can’t get enough!  My mom pointed this out to me last week when I was visiting her for Mother’s Day and I told her I’ve always liked pickles, but its crossed “like land” and now I LOVE them!


5.) Stretch Marks:  None yet…. I drown myself in cocoa butter every day when I get out of the shower so I like to think that it helps!


6.) Movement:  I still haven’t felt anything, but at my doctor’s appointment yesterday she said that’s completely normal and first time mother’s usually won’t feel movement until at least 18 weeks.  We heard the heart beat yesterday and it was 160.  My mid wife said she could hear a TON of movement.  I like to think the baby is in there dancing… I can’t wait to feel it!!!
7.)  Other exciting things this week: This weekend will be spent relaxing and spending time with friends.  My friend Amanda’s birthday was yesterday so we are celebrating this Saturday at a winery… I can’t wait to get “drunk” on cheese and crackers:)!


Carpe Diem…


Hello Strangers!  So I was pretty sure I had put my blogging days behind me, I was having a hard time finding things to write about and with the weather getting nicer the thought of sitting in front of a computer more just didn’t seem like my idea of a good time!  However, I did something REALLY FUN this past weekend and had to share it with whoever is still reading this thing:)!

The Cleveland Color Run!!!

This past Saturday myself and five of my friends ran in the Color Run that came to Cleveland.  The idea to do this race came up in early April.  Two of my friends are getting married this summer and were looking to get into shape so I started teaching a bootcamp class at my friends house Tuesday nights.  Eventually the class grew to about 6-7 people and when we heard about the Color Run we thought it would a fun first 5k for the girls.  These past few months I incorporated a lot of running into the classes so the girls could get used to it.  When we registered for the Color Run we registered as a team called, “The Bootcamp Bitches”!  My friend Meaghan who was registered had to drop out because her boyfriend took her on a whirlwind trip to Chicago this past weekend so I got my BFF Jill to take her place!

Since everyone but Jill had really trained for the race I let the rest of the team go ahead once the race started I stayed with Jill.  The race wasn’t chipped or timed which was really nice, you were simply there to have fun and finish!  The race had five colors stop where a team of people would squirt a chalk like powder all over you.  I still pushed Jill and we walked/ran our way to the finish line!

When you cross the finish line you head to a designated area with the color packet you were given in your race packet and then you go crazy and throw your color all over everyone!  The rest of the team waited for Jill and I to do this so it was fun we got to share that moment together!

After the race we all headed to Bar Louie’s to grab a cocktail and some lunch to celebrate!  It was a beautiful day with some wonderful people!  If you’re an avid runner or just someone who wants to have fun, the Color Run is for you!  Hands down this was one of my favorite races!

Just one of those days…


Even though today was absolutely beautiful I’m glad it’s over!

My day started by sitting in rush hour for over an hour and a half…

Once I finally got into my office I was in meetings and on the phone for 5 straight hours…

Luckily I was able to sneak away for lunch and meet up with two of my favorite old co-workers.  We ate at The Market and Cafe & Wine Bar on W. 9th!  I can not describe to you how much I fell in love with this place… the food, the decor, the company!  If you haven’t been there… GO!

Since I primarily work from home I headed back home around 3pm and the weather was spectacular!   85 degrees in Northeast Ohio in May… I’ll take it!

However on the drive home the light in my car that lets me know if my tire pressure is low, came on… I decided to pull into the nearest Lube Stop to have them check my it and they informed me my back left tire had a tear and two punctures in it.  They were able to patch it however suggested I get it looked at.  So guess who’s getting a new tire this weekend…

By the time I got home I decided a needed to soak up the sun to make the day worthwhile.  I managed to convince my hubby that we should load the bikes up and head to the towpath as soon as he got home.  He agreed!  It was exactly what the doctor ordered.  We rode 10 miles!  Fortunately today’s #mayfitchallenge was…

May 3rd- sweat

Words can not describe how happy I am that tomorrow is Friday!

What was the highlight of your day?

Breakfast & Catch up!


Yea I still have readers:)!!!  Staying on the #mayfitchallenge bandwagon today is…

May 2nd- Healthy Breakfast

Todays breakfast consisted of:

100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin

1 Tbsp. Almond Butter

1/2 Banana

1 egg/2 Egg Whites w/cayenne pepper

There’s nothing like a good healthy breakfast to start your day out right.  I HAVE to eat breakfast, going without it is not an option.  Whenever some asks tells me they are having a hard time losing weight the first question I ask them is, “What do you eat?” Most of the time their response never starts or includes with breakfast because they skip it .

Need a few facts on why you should eat breakfast…

  • Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast (as opposed to the kind containing doughnuts) can help give you:A more nutritionally complete diet, higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Improved concentration and performance in the classroom or the boardroom
  • More strength and endurance to engage in physical activity
  • Lower cholesterol levels

The more weight that I lose the more I am starting to realize the mind-body connection and that food really is fuel for our bodies.  Don’t get me wrong I still love ice cream so at times food can be for complete pleasure but moderation is key!   If you are going to spend hours working out everyday but not change your diet you are NOT going to see the changes you are striving to see in your body.  It really is that simply!

Be sure to check in on my workout tab!  I’m now doing Crossfit three days a week, as well as running with friends and teaching a bootcamp class.  Although I have been MIA this past month life has been really good and I’ll try to catch up a bit in each post!

Sabbatical… officially over!


My blogging sabbatical has officially ended!  I had writers block so I decided to take a short break but now I’m back:)  Hopefully I still have some readers.  Soooo what have I been up too???

This is by far the best out of everything… Crossfit!!!!  If you don’t know what Crossfit is here is a quick idea!

Two words to describe it… HARD CORE!!!

I went through “on ramp” which is basically a two week crash course in all the basics of Crossfit at a facility in Akron.  It basically teaches you how to lift properly and work on your form.  Tomorrow I officially start in WOD’s (workout of the day) at a new Crossfit facility, 5 minutes from my house:)!!!  I am excited/terrified!  I have been extremely sore after each teaching class so I can’t even imagine how I will feel after tomorrow!

I had kinda of hit a plateau with my weight loss, however after starting Crossfit mixed with clean eating I have lost 5 pounds within the last two weeks!  I am now down a total of 37 pounds since my wedding in Sept. 2010 (I use that date since that was when I was at my heaviest)!  Very exciting stuff!

Another endeavor that I have embarked on is I have began sharing my love of fitness and health with some of my closest friends:)   Six of us have started a group via Facebook and real life called, “Boot-camp Bitches” (we’re seriously getting shirts made right girls;).  A couple of the girls are getting married this summer and other’s are just trying to get in shape to feel better.  We meet on Tuesday nights at my friend Amanda’s house and transform her basement into an ass-kicking gym of sorts.  I create and lead the class and push the girls to their limits!  The workout isn’t for me since I do Crossfit in the mornings on Tuesday’s but I do occasionally participate so it’s becoming a two-a-day for me!  It’s really fun to get to not only see everyone during the week but also see everyone improving and showing such an interest in something that I am really passionate about!  I love my friends:)!!!

We decided to celebrate Mardi Gras a couple weeks ago after class:)!!!

Have you ever heard of Crossfit?  What are your thoughts?

Never forget…


Words cannot describe how happy I am that it’s Friday!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

Don’t forget  that tomorrow morning is the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold who was taken during a run in Montana and killed by two men.  I won’t be joining a group to run because we had last minute plans come up so I will be on my treadmill running a 10k in Sherry’s memory!