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26-28 Week Bumpdate


Ahh I’ve been slacking!!!  Time is going by WAY to fast and between work and life, sitting down at night to blog hasn’t been a priority!  Luckily today things slowed down a bit:)!



1.) Size:  Baby Socrates now weighs two and a quarter pounds (like a Chinese cabbage) and measures 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels.

Chinese cabbage


2.) Exercise:  My exercise has been a bit sporadic the last couple weeks due to being out of town for work!  But I’m always doing something if it is Crossfit or walking at the track and trails to shampooing our carpet… YES I’m nesting!


3.) Symptoms:  The last few weeks I have had horrible heartburn.  Luckily I checked with the doctor and I am able to take medication so I have been, which has made things much better!  I’m still tired all the time and I’ve noticed I’m starting to wake up again more at night to make multiply potty trips!



4.) Cravings: Watermelon!  I could eat a whole watermelon daily.  I seriously can’t get enough!  Thanks god I’m pregnant in the summer while it’s in season!

5.) Stretch Marks:  Still none… knock on wood!  I’m getting bigger every day so I have been checking!  I even asked Mike to look the other day in case I got a few where I couldn’t see them.


6.) Movement: Still non-stop:)!  I read the other day that at 28 weeks you should feel for movement when you wake up in the morning and then again at night when you lay down.  The baby should move at least 10 times in an hour.  I tried this the other morning and he moved 6 times in 5 minutes… he is ACTIVE!

7.)  Other exciting things this week:

I’m not sure if it’s exciting but tomorrow is my 30th birthday!  AHHH I feel SO old!  30 and pregnant:)!  We celebrated with friends this past weekend at a Hibachi grill and had a great low key night.  Tomorrow Mike and I are going out to dinner and just spending time together which is all I really want.