23 & 24 Week Bumpdates


Ekkk I’m slipping!  Forgive my hiatus, these last couple weeks have been crazy!


1.)  Size:  Baby Socrates is now officially the size of a cantaloupe… AHH he’s getting so big

whole cantaloupe melon and slice


2.) Exercise:

Monday- Prenatal Yoga & 3 mile Walk

Tuesday- Crossfit

Wednesday- Crossfit

Thursday- REST day

Friday- Crossfit

Saturday- Swam and tanned:)

Sunday- Swam and tanned:)

3.) Symptoms:  I’m loving this trimester I really do feel great… tired but great!


4.) Cravings:  Still hungry all the time!  My latest craving has been watermelon… but if I eat too much I have really bad nausea so I’m trying not to eat too much.

5.) Stretch marks: Still none:)



6.) Movement: This is one busy baby!  He is moving now some during the day and at night he is most active from 9pm-11pm.  It feels so weird but I love it:)!  Every time I feel him it reassures me he is doing good in there!

7.) Other exciting things this week:

Today Mike and I finalized our daycare plans for when Baby S comes which was one of our biggest concerns.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and now we can just relax, look forward to our baby showers and anticipate his arrival.

This pregnancy has been everything I wanted it to be!  I’m healthy and have the most supportive amazing husband.  Sometimes I think things are going so well it’s too good to be true but that’s just my pessimistic nature.  I’m just really happy and content with life right now and its feels really good:)!


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