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19-21 Week Bumpdate


These last two weeks have been a complete whirl wind and have FLOWN by!  First things first though, on June 7th, 2013 Mike and I found out that…


Yea it’s a BOY:)!!!  I started crying when I found out, I was so happy that my intuition this whole time had been spot on.  I told Mike it’s crazy to think my whole life it’s just been my mom and now I’m about to start this next journey of my life with not only one amazing man (my husband) but now two:)!  We have decided to keep his name a secret until he is born so Mike and I still have a little secret between the two of us for a while.

The day after we found out the sex we were off to Mexico with Mike’s family for the week.  We stayed at a beautiful resort in Cancun.  It was nice to get away!



Once we got back from vacation we spent Father’s Day with my mom and went out to a nice breakfast.  Monday was a whirl wind going back to work and this entire week has literally flown by.


Today we worked in our back yard and set up our pool and even got in a floated for awhile:)


In trying to keep some consistency with my “baby blog” format.  Today I am 21 weeks and 2 days prego.  I’m officially half way done :)!!!

1.)  Size: 



2.) Exercise:

Monday- Crossfit

Tuesday- Yard work

Wednesday- 3 mile walk/run

Thursday- 2 mile walk

Friday- Crossfit

Saturday- REST day

Sunday- Yard work

3.) Symptoms:  I’m still tired ALOT but these last few weeks I’ve officially gotten my bump.  I’m starting to notice people looking at my stomach now in passing so that’s been fun!  Although I want to yell… “Yes, I’m pregnant, that’s not a gut!”

4.) Cravings:  Cantaloupe… YUM I just had some!

5.) Stretch marks: Still none:)

6.) Movement: I think so… everyone says it feels like “butterflies” or gas and I feel things but I wouldn’t describe it like that.  It’s like a cramping but doesn’t hurt.  I don’t know, it actually is starting to frustrate me so I don’t think about it to much.  My doctor said at this point anything I feel below the belly button is the baby so I’m just going to assume that I’m feeling him.  It’s common for first time mothers to not feel movement up until 25 weeks so it’s not worrisome to me since he has been so active at all my doctor’s appointments.

7.) Other exciting things this week:

One of my best friends Sondra, had her daughter on June 6th.  Her name is Rosemary Moon Kelly and she is absolutely perfect:)  Meeting her and holding her makes me SO excited to meet our little guy in a couple months.



18 Week Bumpdate




18 weeks and counting:)!  We are FOUR days away from finding out what this little peanut is and words can not explain how anxious and excited I am!

1.)  Size: 



2.) Exercise:

Monday- 3 mile walk

Tuesday- REST day

Wednesday- Crossfit

Thursday- Short walk

Friday- Crossfit

Saturday- REST day

Sunday- 3.25 Walk/Run



3.) Symptoms:  I’m SO tired ALL the time and gassy ALL the time… my poor poor husband!



4.) Cravings:  My pickle craving has pretty much subsided.  I’m just hungry all the time!

5.) Stretch marks: Still none:)

6.) Movement: I think I felt the baby today!  Mike and I were on our way home from getting a bite to eat and I was talking on the phone to my mom and suddenly I got this rolling sensation in my tummy… it wasn’t butterflies but it was something that I’ve never felt before.  I haven’t felt it again though so I’m not sure…


7.) Other exciting things this week:

It doesn’t get more exciting than finding out what sex the baby is on Fri.!!!!  I just pray it isn’t laying weird that we can’t tell and I also pray that the baby regardless of the sex is still healthy and everything is growing like it should be.

Pregnancy while exciting can still be very scary and since I’m a worry wort I literally think of everything that can or could go wrong!  Thankfully Mike remains positive and encouraging.  He’s going to be such a great dad and experiencing all this with him makes it a thousand times easier and better.