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17 Week Bumpdate & Happenings


Today I’m 17.5 weeks prego!!! I made it another week folks:)

1.)  Size: Baby S is now the size of an onion.



2.) Exercise:  I slacked a bit this week…

Monday- Crossfit

Tuesday- Yard work

Wednesday- Crossfit

Thursday- Short walk

Friday- Clean the house and walked on the treadmill 45 minutes.


3.) Symptoms:  This week was really good!  My hubby was in New Orleans for work so I kept very busy with work.  One thing that I have noticed is that I tend to get full VERY quickly and my eyes are much big than my stomach.



4.) Cravings:  Still pickles:)

5.) Stretch marks: Still none… thank baby Jesus!

6.) Movement: Nope not yet:(

7.) Other exciting things this week:  Tomorrow is my BFF Jilly’s 30th birthday!  We had a wonderful bash at her place yesterday.  It was a BEAUTIFUL perfect day.













And the best picture of the night…



No wine for us…


Hope everyone had a great weekend!  It was fun filled and very beautiful here in Ohio.  Thought the picture below was to cute not to document!  My friend Sondra on the left is due in two weeks and my friend Megan on the right is due June 28th!  Hope I look as good as the both of them in a few months!!!  We were at a winery but no wine for us:(!!!



16 Week Bumpdate


Yea today I’m officially 16 weeks pregnant!

1.) Size:  Baby S is now the size of an avocado…


2.) Exercise: 

Monday- Crossfit and I almost croaked… it was a hard workout.

Tuesday- I did a ton of yard work

Wednesday- REST DAY

Thursday- Hubby and I went on a 2.5 mile hike

Friday- Crossfit, I felt great and loved the workout.  The owner of the gym told me I look great and my arms and legs     are staying very toned… I NEEDED TO HEAR THIS!!!


3.)  Symptoms:  This week started off rough, I still had a lot of nausea and major fatigue.  However between yesterday and today I feel pretty damn good!  I’m still not showing too much but my boobs WILL NOT quit growing!  And the bigger the bra the uglier it gets folks!


4.) Cravings:  It’s so cliche but I haven’t been able to stop eating pickles this last week.  Bread and butter pickles to be exact!  I’ve eaten them with literally every single meal.  I can’t get enough!  My mom pointed this out to me last week when I was visiting her for Mother’s Day and I told her I’ve always liked pickles, but its crossed “like land” and now I LOVE them!


5.) Stretch Marks:  None yet…. I drown myself in cocoa butter every day when I get out of the shower so I like to think that it helps!


6.) Movement:  I still haven’t felt anything, but at my doctor’s appointment yesterday she said that’s completely normal and first time mother’s usually won’t feel movement until at least 18 weeks.  We heard the heart beat yesterday and it was 160.  My mid wife said she could hear a TON of movement.  I like to think the baby is in there dancing… I can’t wait to feel it!!!
7.)  Other exciting things this week: This weekend will be spent relaxing and spending time with friends.  My friend Amanda’s birthday was yesterday so we are celebrating this Saturday at a winery… I can’t wait to get “drunk” on cheese and crackers:)!


What a difference an almost year makes…


So yea it’s literally been almost a year since I’ve last blogged!  Holy crap what a difference a year can make!  I’m not sure why I took the hiatus.  I think since I sit in front of a computer most of the day, blogging at night was just getting to be more of a chore then a fun hobby.  However, with everything going on in my life lately I find myself yearning for a release… a way to get the thousands of thoughts swimming around in my head OUT!  So here I am back again.  Is anyone even reading this…


Well if you’re friends with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you’ve probably already been made to privy to my latest news…. I’m pregnant:)!  My husband and I are expecting on Nov. 1st and couldn’t be more thrilled and terrified all at the same time:)!  I’m 14.5 weeks today and thought getting back into my blog would be a great way to document this journey even if it was just for myself.    Also I knew I would regret it if I didn’t!  The end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 was rough with some major family changes so finding out about this little blessing in Feb. was perfect timing.  God works in mysterious ways folks!


I’ve decided to throw up a quick Q&A just for fun and to start this party off right… enjoy!

Pregnancy 101:

How many weeks?: 14.5

Was this planned or unplanned: Not planned but we weren’t preventing

How much weight gained: 8-10pds.  I try not too obsess over this too much since I have a history of doing so!

Is this your first pregnancy?: Yes!

Latest food craving: Cantaloupe… now I want some

Your top two name choices or baby’s name:  It’s a secret;)

Worst Thing about being pregnant:  Nausea, puking, headaches… should I go on?

Best Thing about being pregnant: Hearing the heartbeat… amazing!

The first person you told was: Mike my husband obviously and then my mom

Are you more scared or excited:  Excited

Happy or mostly moody:  Happy for the most part… I think:)!

Last time you cried over something ridiculous was:  Who knows I cry every day… probably at a dumb commercial.

You pee an estimated __ times a day?:  10-20 no lie…

Weirdest dream you’ve had since pregnant?:  That I am sitting a bar drinking an ice cold beer bragging to everyone that I am pregnant… weird!

Will you breast feed:  I want too!

Words of wisdom:  Enjoy every moment, life goes by too fast!