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Carpe Diem…


Hello Strangers!  So I was pretty sure I had put my blogging days behind me, I was having a hard time finding things to write about and with the weather getting nicer the thought of sitting in front of a computer more just didn’t seem like my idea of a good time!  However, I did something REALLY FUN this past weekend and had to share it with whoever is still reading this thing:)!

The Cleveland Color Run!!!

This past Saturday myself and five of my friends ran in the Color Run that came to Cleveland.  The idea to do this race came up in early April.  Two of my friends are getting married this summer and were looking to get into shape so I started teaching a bootcamp class at my friends house Tuesday nights.  Eventually the class grew to about 6-7 people and when we heard about the Color Run we thought it would a fun first 5k for the girls.  These past few months I incorporated a lot of running into the classes so the girls could get used to it.  When we registered for the Color Run we registered as a team called, “The Bootcamp Bitches”!  My friend Meaghan who was registered had to drop out because her boyfriend took her on a whirlwind trip to Chicago this past weekend so I got my BFF Jill to take her place!

Since everyone but Jill had really trained for the race I let the rest of the team go ahead once the race started I stayed with Jill.  The race wasn’t chipped or timed which was really nice, you were simply there to have fun and finish!  The race had five colors stop where a team of people would squirt a chalk like powder all over you.  I still pushed Jill and we walked/ran our way to the finish line!

When you cross the finish line you head to a designated area with the color packet you were given in your race packet and then you go crazy and throw your color all over everyone!  The rest of the team waited for Jill and I to do this so it was fun we got to share that moment together!

After the race we all headed to Bar Louie’s to grab a cocktail and some lunch to celebrate!  It was a beautiful day with some wonderful people!  If you’re an avid runner or just someone who wants to have fun, the Color Run is for you!  Hands down this was one of my favorite races!