Monthly Archives: March 2012

Sabbatical… officially over!


My blogging sabbatical has officially ended!  I had writers block so I decided to take a short break but now I’m back:)  Hopefully I still have some readers.  Soooo what have I been up too???

This is by far the best out of everything… Crossfit!!!!  If you don’t know what Crossfit is here is a quick idea!

Two words to describe it… HARD CORE!!!

I went through “on ramp” which is basically a two week crash course in all the basics of Crossfit at a facility in Akron.  It basically teaches you how to lift properly and work on your form.  Tomorrow I officially start in WOD’s (workout of the day) at a new Crossfit facility, 5 minutes from my house:)!!!  I am excited/terrified!  I have been extremely sore after each teaching class so I can’t even imagine how I will feel after tomorrow!

I had kinda of hit a plateau with my weight loss, however after starting Crossfit mixed with clean eating I have lost 5 pounds within the last two weeks!  I am now down a total of 37 pounds since my wedding in Sept. 2010 (I use that date since that was when I was at my heaviest)!  Very exciting stuff!

Another endeavor that I have embarked on is I have began sharing my love of fitness and health with some of my closest friends:)   Six of us have started a group via Facebook and real life called, “Boot-camp Bitches” (we’re seriously getting shirts made right girls;).  A couple of the girls are getting married this summer and other’s are just trying to get in shape to feel better.  We meet on Tuesday nights at my friend Amanda’s house and transform her basement into an ass-kicking gym of sorts.  I create and lead the class and push the girls to their limits!  The workout isn’t for me since I do Crossfit in the mornings on Tuesday’s but I do occasionally participate so it’s becoming a two-a-day for me!  It’s really fun to get to not only see everyone during the week but also see everyone improving and showing such an interest in something that I am really passionate about!  I love my friends:)!!!

We decided to celebrate Mardi Gras a couple weeks ago after class:)!!!

Have you ever heard of Crossfit?  What are your thoughts?