I gotta feeling… that today’s gonna be a good day!


Do you ever have one of those days that right when you wake up you KNOW it’s going to be a good day?  First off it felt like spring when I walked outside this morning.  I mean seriously if 60 in Cleveland in Feb. is global warming BRING IT ON!   My drive into Cleveland this morning was flawless! I didn’t sit in rushhour for two days and it didn’t take me hours to find parking… WINNING!

All day though my mind was preoccupied!  Yesterday I made a special purchase.  After doing some research and reading a grand review from Janae over at The Hungry Runner Girl.  I got a new spin bike!!!  I ordered it yesterday off of Amazon and last night before I went to bed it said it was already 10 minutes from my house!  When I woke up this morning is said it was on the truck for shipment and the delivery date was today, I was siked!  When I got home today this was waiting for me on the front porch!

Since the box was 100 flipping pounds it took me at least 10 minutes to even get it in the house.  Once I got that baby in the house I went to work!  My hubby literally just got home so waiting until 8pm to use my new toy was not an option!  Just like Janae said in her review the bike was REALLY easy to put together, it only took me about 40 minutes.  And the finished product…

I used to teach spinning in college and I REALLY want to get re-certified and start teaching again so purchasing my own bike was a big step in that direction.  I made myself up a class to do tonight, picked some great music and then kicked my own ass! The verdict on the bike… I LOVE IT!!! It’s so sturdy and overall everything I wanted!  So thank you Janae for the rad review!

Happy Tuesday hope you guys had/have a GREAT DAY!!!


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  1. AHHHH I am so so happy for you!! I want to know about what workouts you end up doing too! Yes, get re-certified…SO SO EXCITING!

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