Whatever Wednesday #2…


Welcome to the second edition of “Whatever Wednesday”!  I worked 13 hours today so bear with me people!

1. Someecards is the best website known to man and makes me laugh each and every day!  It’s cards like this that keep me coming back for more!

2.  This weekend we have NO plans except for using our gift card to this delicious place and I am pretty excited!  They have a new section on there menu called the “SkinnyLicious” section.  I need to do some investigating and figure out many WW points I’m gonna spend before I got there or its all over!

3.  The highlight of my day was eating a tiger roll for diner from the most delicious sushi spot in Fairlawn, Big Eye!  I’m 100% positive I could eat sushi every single day and not get tired of it!  Yumo!

4.  For Christmas my mom bought me a ton of high thick socks to wear with boots in the winter but so far I have mostly been rocking them like this…

5.  Even though exhaustion set in after my delicious dinner tonight with my knee high socks and tennis shoes in tow I hopped on this tonight…

I got in a 2.65 mile walk in 45 minutes and it was a friendly reminder to myself… “you will NEVER regret a workout”!

6.  Today my hubby sent me this video via email and it seriously made me question the future of mankind…

7.  Now its time to drink a delicious cup of Yogi tea and head to bed… I could drink this stuff just for the inspirational quotes on the tags alone!


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