Monday funday….


Monday came with a vengeance this morning! I had to be up at 3am today to be at work by 5am this morning. Ehhhhhhhhh…. I was good and went to bed at 8pm last night so I’m not completely dragging but my internal clock is alittle like WTH?!?!

This weekend was fun and as usual went by way to fast:(!!! Saturday was a busy day! I started the day by getting my hair colored and trimmed. Since I am letting it grow out I went back to my natural color (dark brown) so now its low maintenance for awhile while it grows…

Saturday afternoon I headed outside to complete my first “long run” for my Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon training. Since it was SO beautiful out I had to run outside! I also managed to drag the hubby out with me:). We completed 3 miles outdoors then I jumped on the treadmill and ran the last mile solo.

Then it was time to get beautified because Saturday night was girls night:)!!! This picture pretty much sums up the night we danced our asses off!

Sunday I was pretty much under the weather (hungover) all day. Why can’t I accept the fact that I can no longer party like a rock star:-(!!!

Today is back to reality… back to eating healthy staying on point and getting a good workout in! Hope you all have a happy and healthy Monday funday;)!


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  1. I LOVE the scarf also that you’re wearing in the 1st pic!!! 🙂 …..don’t b hatin on your Momma for just sayin what’s real !!!

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