Whatever Wednesday…


I decided to make Wednesday’s now “Whatever Wednesday’s” because I’m gonna to blog about whatever abstract things are on my mind, not that I already don’t do that, but you know what I mean!  Whatever!

1.  I just found out that Saturday me and my friends are having a girls night and I am already excited.  I love those biotches:)

2.) I finally watched, “The Help” this past weekend and I’m pretty sure it is now one of my favorite movies!  So good!


3.)  I recently discovered the A) Pandora on my iPhone; B) genre: workout; C) subgenre: Pop and Hip Hop Power.  I may lose this weight yet!!!

4.) I have a secret obsession with York Peppermint Patties so I was extremely glad to see these were out and are only 1 WW point a piece:)!

5.) Yesterday my husband asked me NOT to snow blow the driveway so he could do it when he got home.  Although its new I’m praying the shine doesn’t wear off quickly.  Boys and there toys:)!

6.)  I can NOT get enough of this tea.  Yogi please marry me?!?


7.) I may need a Pinterest intervention.  I lay in bed for nearly 20 minutes every night and pin away….  I want to make this:

Smoothie Packs and this 100 Calorie Packs and how freaking cool is THIS

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s edition of “Whatever Wednesday”!!!


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