I’m not ready…


Vacation can NOT already be over!!!  I am simply not ready to go back to reality… Today was observed as New Year’s Day at work for both the hubby and I so we were both on PTO= Score!  Our day started off by sleeping in until nearly 11am!  Once we were up and at em’ I decided to make us breakfast…


After breakfast we decided to head out and pick up some healthy groceries and I stopped and got a TON of goodies at Bath and Body Works… they were having a killer sale and I got a gift card for x-mas. I still had to pick up fresh cilantro and a couple of limes so Mike and I headed into Earth Fare.  They had a $5.00 lunch special so Mike and I decided to try out there cafe and got a quick bite to eat… DELICIOUS!

Once we finally got back home I convinced the hubby to let me take him through a “at-home-bootcamp style” workout.  After much persuading he finally agreed!

Angela’s “at-home-bootcamp style” Workout (clever title huh)

This workout is very fast moving!  In between each minute you get a 20 second break to towel off, get a drink, pick up your equipment and catch your breath!  This workout has 30 working minutes and when you add up all the 20 second breaks it take 40 minutes total to complete in all.  It kicked both of our asses and we were dripping with sweat… just how I like my workouts:)!!!  I really pushed Mike but he did great and he even thanked me for pushing him.  AND he even told me how good he felt!

I hope your New Year is starting off with a BANG like mine:)!!!  In closing please enjoy some pics from our “New Year’s Eve” party last Saturday!

Me and my bff

Hubby and I (with my weird baby hand)

I got mad tambourine skills yo

My beautiful friends

Tune in tomorrow when I talk about my pseudo New Years’ resolutions!


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  1. got your message, and please believe i’ am a reader! keep up the good work! oh and you do have some pretty sick tambourine skills! happy new year bff!

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