Reality… kind of!


Today was my first day back to work since Christmas (and by back to work I mean walking downstairs in my pajama’s and turning my computer on).  But it was and still is hard to get back into the swing of things.  I work tomorrow and then a half day on Friday and then I’m off again until next Tuesday!  After having a cookie and coffee for breakfast (AGAIN), I toyed with the notion that I would just get back in my work/workout/eating healthy routine next week.  Then after hearing literally 15 weight loss commercials (can you say New Year’s resolutions) I told myself enough was enough and that I needed to jump back into REALITY!

After knocking through a TON of work today with no interruptions (it’s nice when everyone else is still on vacation), it was time to face when I had been putting off since last Friday….

The Dreadmill…

Please note I did hang a different piece of artwork by the dreadfmill to make it appear as if I am outside when I am on it (no help)!

I got in 45 minutes of alternating between fast walking at 4.2 and running at 6.0.  It wasn’t my usual sweat session but it was enough and I felt really good when I was done!  I decided to keep up the good work and for dinner I made myself a chicken breast and spinach salad.

Angela’s Healthy Spinach Salad:

2 cups of baby spinach

Sliced tomato, onion, cucumber

1 hard boiled egg

1/4 Avocado

2.5 ounces of baked chicken breat

2 Tsp. Light Honey Mustard Dressing

After dinner Mike and I had a date in our basement with our WII to dance!

Between “Michael Jackson the Experience” and “Just Dance 2” we danced, laughed and competed for alittle over an hour!  I pretty much creamed Mike in every dance… right Mike (I’m player two:)!!!

Are you back in the swing of things or still on vacation mode?

I’m trying to get there day by day.  Gotta LOVE vacation’s though:)!


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  1. OMG, I just mentioned to Jay yesterday how many weight loss commercials are on tv. It’s crazy! And a total reminder of all the splurging I did this holiday…….

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