Almost Wordless Weekend…


What a great QUICK weekend!  This month is flying by!  I seriously can’t believe Christmas is two freaking weeks away!

Instead of describing every detail of my weekend I thought I would share it in pictures, enjoy;)!!!

Thursday night my mom came into town and we went to my favorite sushi spot for dinner.

After dinner my mom bought Mike and I our “BIG” Christmas gift…

Mike and I are so excited for it to snow now its pathetic, HAHA!

Friday I took a PTO day at work so my momma and I could finish our Christmas shopping and shop till we drop we did!  I got another early Christmas gift which was this hot pair of boots!  Friday was also an EXTRA special day because it was this handsome man’s BIRTHDAY!!!

Since Mike is a twin it was obviously his brother’s birthday as well!  I planned a big birthday dinner with all of all our friends at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

After dinner it was karaoke time and I witnessed my husband (who NEVER drinks) drunk for the first time!  Even though he is a very friendly drunk I prefer him sober… especially when I am sober:)!!!

Saturday night my bff was the hostess with the mostess (SP?) and had a wonderful holiday party with a TON of delicious food!  The best part was the white elephant gift I got…

Yep I got (or stole) a penis watergun… you’re jealous!!!

And then yesterday it was time to celebrate Mike and his brothers birthday again but this time with his family!

The best part was I got to see my beautiful niece…

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Mine was going out for my hubby’s b-day on Friday.  I could tell he had a great time on his birthday which made it easy for me to have a great time.


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