Time to track!


I wrote today blog LAST Wednesday and am just now getting around to finishing it!  Blogger FAIL….

So here are the results of the “November Shred Challenge”!  Drum roll please….

Overall my measurements never dramatically changed since week two however these workouts did give me the push I needed to get more strength training into my routine and it was nice to try out a DVD I have owned for longer that I’d like to admit that I never tried.  However I still cannot stand Jillian Michaels and the workouts became monotonous and boring to me.  So I am glad it’s OVER!!!

For those of you who follow me on twitter you may of noticed the other night I tweeted this…


@con_wind con_wind
I am so sore from working out that I can barely walk! Either this is a good thing or I’ve done something terribly… terribly wrong…
Well the workouts I have been doing that have been leaving me sore beyond belief yet again are from… bodyrock.tv!!!  What I love about this website is that all the workouts are free, quick and thoroughly explained w/modifications if needed.  Since the workouts are so quick I combine them with walk/running and jogging up and down the stairs in my house.  I LOVE at home works and these are the best. 


Last Tuesday I did this workout…


I only made it through 5 rounds and it took me about 30 minutes!  I really watched my form and pushed myself.  I also ran two miles after I could bear to do anymore rounds.  This workout didn’t look that hard but OMG!!!  I was SO sore Wednesday and it was great!

Last Wednesday I did this workout…


This workout I completed in full and then followed it with 30 minutes run/walking on the treadmill (about two miles) and ten minutes of running the stairs.

Last Thursday I was SO sore that I just did cardio and then last Friday I did Tuesday’s workout again and actually completed 8 rounds of the exercise and ran 5 miles on the treadmill.

December Challenge

So my December challenge to myself and any of you who would like to partcipate is called…

“Body Rockin’ in December”

Complete 4 bodyrock.tv workouts each week and on Friday’s give a recap about which workouts you completed and what you love/hated about them. 

Another thing in December that I am committing to is, tracking my food and exercises in myfitnesspal.com.  If you join and what a new friend please feel free to add me: MrsSocrates. 

One last personal December goal for myself is to blog more!  I have been so busy with work and getting ready for the holidays that sitting at a computer to blog each night has just not been an option nor a desire!

Here’s to staying on track!  Happy Monday!


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