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Reality… kind of!


Today was my first day back to work since Christmas (and by back to work I mean walking downstairs in my pajama’s and turning my computer on).  But it was and still is hard to get back into the swing of things.  I work tomorrow and then a half day on Friday and then I’m off again until next Tuesday!  After having a cookie and coffee for breakfast (AGAIN), I toyed with the notion that I would just get back in my work/workout/eating healthy routine next week.  Then after hearing literally 15 weight loss commercials (can you say New Year’s resolutions) I told myself enough was enough and that I needed to jump back into REALITY!

After knocking through a TON of work today with no interruptions (it’s nice when everyone else is still on vacation), it was time to face when I had been putting off since last Friday….

The Dreadmill…

Please note I did hang a different piece of artwork by the dreadfmill to make it appear as if I am outside when I am on it (no help)!

I got in 45 minutes of alternating between fast walking at 4.2 and running at 6.0.  It wasn’t my usual sweat session but it was enough and I felt really good when I was done!  I decided to keep up the good work and for dinner I made myself a chicken breast and spinach salad.

Angela’s Healthy Spinach Salad:

2 cups of baby spinach

Sliced tomato, onion, cucumber

1 hard boiled egg

1/4 Avocado

2.5 ounces of baked chicken breat

2 Tsp. Light Honey Mustard Dressing

After dinner Mike and I had a date in our basement with our WII to dance!

Between “Michael Jackson the Experience” and “Just Dance 2” we danced, laughed and competed for alittle over an hour!  I pretty much creamed Mike in every dance… right Mike (I’m player two:)!!!

Are you back in the swing of things or still on vacation mode?

I’m trying to get there day by day.  Gotta LOVE vacation’s though:)!


Merry Christmas… better late then never!!!


I feel off the blogging boat… I feel off and nearly drown but folks no need to worry because I am back!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Mine was wonderful…

Christmas Eve was spent with Mike’s family in Canton:

Posing in front of the tree:

Christmas morning we were up bright and early and headed west to my family’s:

Another pose in front of the tree:

And one with my momma:

Tomorrow its back to work and back to reality!  It’s safe to say I have eaten body weight x2 in CRAP the last few days but tis the season!  Happy Holidays!

Hey Yoga Girl…


Today my right shoulder was killing me.  I must have done something to it yesterday while strength training!  I iced throughout the day but the only time it would really feel better was when I would really stretch it.  I decided my body was trying to tell me I needed to do something that I haven’t done for quite some time… YOGA!

I found an awesome yoga class on Sportskool on demand called, “Vinyasa Flow 2 to 3”.  It was a wonderful class and even though some of the moves were quite challenging  I made modifications when necessary and really enjoyed it!  The 45 minute class flew by.  Some of the more challenging moves included:

Head Stand (Sirshasana):

However my pose only went this far:

Hey standing on your head hurts man!   You gotta start somewhere and the more I stretch the less sore I will be so I just have to keep reminding myself.  I definitely felt more calmer and stronger at the end of this workout.   It was also quite ironic that about 15 minutes after this workout was over, my friend (who is a yoga instructor) sent me this video!

Do you practice yoga?  If so what is your favorite pose?

My is by far is childs pose, it always feels so wonderful on my back!

Almost Wordless Weekend…


What a great QUICK weekend!  This month is flying by!  I seriously can’t believe Christmas is two freaking weeks away!

Instead of describing every detail of my weekend I thought I would share it in pictures, enjoy;)!!!

Thursday night my mom came into town and we went to my favorite sushi spot for dinner.

After dinner my mom bought Mike and I our “BIG” Christmas gift…

Mike and I are so excited for it to snow now its pathetic, HAHA!

Friday I took a PTO day at work so my momma and I could finish our Christmas shopping and shop till we drop we did!  I got another early Christmas gift which was this hot pair of boots!  Friday was also an EXTRA special day because it was this handsome man’s BIRTHDAY!!!

Since Mike is a twin it was obviously his brother’s birthday as well!  I planned a big birthday dinner with all of all our friends at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

After dinner it was karaoke time and I witnessed my husband (who NEVER drinks) drunk for the first time!  Even though he is a very friendly drunk I prefer him sober… especially when I am sober:)!!!

Saturday night my bff was the hostess with the mostess (SP?) and had a wonderful holiday party with a TON of delicious food!  The best part was the white elephant gift I got…

Yep I got (or stole) a penis watergun… you’re jealous!!!

And then yesterday it was time to celebrate Mike and his brothers birthday again but this time with his family!

The best part was I got to see my beautiful niece…

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Mine was going out for my hubby’s b-day on Friday.  I could tell he had a great time on his birthday which made it easy for me to have a great time.

Surviving the Holidays 101!


I don’t know about you guys but I’m like insanley popular and have a TON of holidays parties this month!!!  Ok I don’t know about the insansely popular part but I do have a shit ton of parties this month and I love sugar, cheese and alcohol so I need all the help I can get to watch my waistline while still having a good time. 

In honor of all the parties and get togethers I have coming up I thought it would be fun to provide some healthy tips and suggestions on how to get past this “fun-filled” time of year!

Tuesday’s  Seven Healthy Holiday Tips:

1.)  Pre-Party Snack- Have a small healthy snack pre-party so you’re not starving by the time the party begins.  This makes it more likely you will not over indulge. 


2.)  Portion Control- At a party be sensible about your portions.  It is easy to reduce your portion sizes by choosing the smallest serving plate your host is offering (possibly a dessert plate). 


3.) Sensible Choices- Always stay safe by heading towards veggie platters.  This way, you’re still blending in with having food on your plate without the threat of ruining your diet.  Eat any dips in moderation that may be served with the veggies. Avoid anything greasy or fried, these are obviously the unhealthiest options you could choose. 

4.)  Balance- If you are going to a party in the evening, eat lighter meals during the day. If you do happen to binge at the party, balance your calories the next day and and work in more exercise.


5.) Healthy Cooking-  If you’re assigned to bring a dish to the party, choose something healthy that you would enjoy.  Some ideas are:

Fruit platter with healthy fruit dip

Veggie Platter with hummus

Black Bean dip with baked tortillas

Shrimp Cocktail


6.)  Exercise-  With the hussle and bussle of the holidays it is very easy to skip your workouts.  The average person gains 1-2 pounds over the holiday season.  Make your health a priority!  Try to find 20 minutes once a day (more if you can) and MOVE! Need ideas:

Jog/walk the stairs (at work or home)

Racewalk/jog around the block

Blast some music and dance

Turn to for thousands of free at home workouts

 7.) Accountiblity- Stay accountable to yourself over the holidays.  Track your calories and track your exercise.  Again, there are a ton of free online trackers but my favorite is  There is a huge community that makes it fun to find a buddy.  If you join and are looking to add a new “friend” please send me a friend request at- MrsSocrates. 

The final step should really be practicing what I preach!   It’s MUCH easier said then done to stay healthy this time of year but I really do believe preparation is half the battle. 



Time to track!


I wrote today blog LAST Wednesday and am just now getting around to finishing it!  Blogger FAIL….

So here are the results of the “November Shred Challenge”!  Drum roll please….

Overall my measurements never dramatically changed since week two however these workouts did give me the push I needed to get more strength training into my routine and it was nice to try out a DVD I have owned for longer that I’d like to admit that I never tried.  However I still cannot stand Jillian Michaels and the workouts became monotonous and boring to me.  So I am glad it’s OVER!!!

For those of you who follow me on twitter you may of noticed the other night I tweeted this…


@con_wind con_wind
I am so sore from working out that I can barely walk! Either this is a good thing or I’ve done something terribly… terribly wrong…
Well the workouts I have been doing that have been leaving me sore beyond belief yet again are from…!!!  What I love about this website is that all the workouts are free, quick and thoroughly explained w/modifications if needed.  Since the workouts are so quick I combine them with walk/running and jogging up and down the stairs in my house.  I LOVE at home works and these are the best. 


Last Tuesday I did this workout…

I only made it through 5 rounds and it took me about 30 minutes!  I really watched my form and pushed myself.  I also ran two miles after I could bear to do anymore rounds.  This workout didn’t look that hard but OMG!!!  I was SO sore Wednesday and it was great!

Last Wednesday I did this workout…

This workout I completed in full and then followed it with 30 minutes run/walking on the treadmill (about two miles) and ten minutes of running the stairs.

Last Thursday I was SO sore that I just did cardio and then last Friday I did Tuesday’s workout again and actually completed 8 rounds of the exercise and ran 5 miles on the treadmill.

December Challenge

So my December challenge to myself and any of you who would like to partcipate is called…

“Body Rockin’ in December”

Complete 4 workouts each week and on Friday’s give a recap about which workouts you completed and what you love/hated about them. 

Another thing in December that I am committing to is, tracking my food and exercises in  If you join and what a new friend please feel free to add me: MrsSocrates. 

One last personal December goal for myself is to blog more!  I have been so busy with work and getting ready for the holidays that sitting at a computer to blog each night has just not been an option nor a desire!

Here’s to staying on track!  Happy Monday!