Top Ten Tuesday


Nothing fun usually EVER happens on Tuesdays!  Wednesday is hump day… Thursday nights there is usually always something going on and Friday… its the freakin’ weekend baby!

So in honor of Tuesdays being uneventful, I present to you my “Top Ten Tuesday”.  Products I am in love with and can’t get enough of lately.

1.  Fiber Gummies- Fiber is good and gummy bears are good.  Combine the two and it is officially the!

2.  Brown Boots-  I recently got a coupon in the mail to Fashion Bug (not my favorite store), so I stopped in there to see if they had any cute boots.  What can I say I am my mothers daughter!  I found these gems and with my coupon ended up getting them for $25.00!  I am obsessed with them.

See boots HERE

3. Victoria Secret Incredible-  I recently picked up a travel size of this scent and have gotten a billion compliments and my hubby loves it!

4.  American Horror Story-

Do you like getting the shit scared out of your shit?!?!  Well if you do… this show is for you!  I make my husband turn off all the lights and we light every candle we own EVERY time this is on.  S-C-A-R-Y! Plus you get to see this fine specimen!

5.  Pinterest- Specifically the DYI section.  For our 1 year anniversary I recently made this picture frame for my hubby.  The hearts with writing have the lyrics to our first dance at our wedding on them.

6.  Coffee House Inspirations Skinny–  This gives any fancy dancy drink that I get at Starbucks a run for its $$$ and for less than half the calories.  A delicious way to drink a pot of coffee (I really need to cut back) without spending a million dollars or stretching your waist band.

7.  Batiste Dry Shampoo-  I picked this up at Ulta about month ago and LOVE it.  My hair gets really dried out if I wash it every day so this product has been a life saver!

8.  Lancome Bronzer-  I read about this product in my Shape magazine a few months ago and decided to pick some up for myself to try.  I got this at Sephora and it’s true to its review!  This product leave you with a golden hue without giving you carrot colored hands, knees and hands!

9. Zum Face– Walnut & Sugar Facial Scrub-  Want the perks of a facial but don’t have the time or $$$ to get a professional one?!?  This product rocks!

10.  Otterbox-  Dropped your I-Phone, shattered the screen and had to pay a shit ton to get it replaced (because you were to stupid to get insurance) ME TOO!  After getting insurance on my new phone I took it a step further and got this handy dandy case for peace of mind!  It works!

Hopefully you guys enjoyed my “top ten”!  Most of my featured products are under $20.00 and can be great stocking stuffers!  Christmas is coming:)!



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