Shred Update: Week One


Even though I’m a day late on this particular update… better late than never!  So in last weeks post I explained that I decided to jump on board the great “November Shred Challenge”,  that Kimi over at A Slice of Kiwi proposed.

I did complete 4 days of shred and did additional cardio usually 40 minutes of running.  My eating was the only down fall.  This past week my monthly lady friend was also in town, so I had a major sweet tooth hence the eating ice cream yesterday for lunch!  Last weekend I also drank way to much wine and Christmas Ale… yes as you guessed the two do NOT mix well as I found out on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Needless to say something is working because my measurements surprised the hell out of me!  Let me first say I think I was retaining some water due to my friend being in town!

I want to continue doing shred 4x a week and an additional 3.5-4 hours of cardio.  I have been doing Level Two of the shred to really push myself.   I also start a 6am spinning class tomorrow that is on Tues. and Thurs. mornings from 6am-6:45am.  It started this week and runs until Dec.15th.  I sporadically signed up for it today at the YMCA so wish me luck;)!


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  1. Wow chica!!! That is some definite improvement 🙂 Hopefully Weeks 2-4 are just as challenging and also help us gain some strength! Good luck with the group spinning class – I agree with Heather – too early for me for group exercise!

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