Prayers are answered…


First thing is first…

Is this time change kicking anyone else’s ass besides mine?!?!  By 5:30pm it’s completely dark outside now… it blows!  Last night the hubby was mowing the grass in complete darkness:)  I love the fall but this part I do not like!

Also did ya’ll hear the Duggar’s are expecting child number TWENTY!  Disgusting… it scares me to even have one kid!  Those people are bat shit CRAZY!

Onto other news…  Today was a GREAT day for my family.  For those of you that don’t know my step-dad has congestive heart failure and is no longer able to work and has been fighting for his disability the last three years! I’m sure that is hard to comprehend how stressful that could be for someone, but imagine your loved one getting hurt or told they have a terminal illness and are no longer able to work and your income is BAM… cut in half! Many people play the system because they are lazy and don’t wish to work for what they have, so they pretty much ruin it for the people that work there asses off their whole life and then have to fight for years for what they deserve.  SOOO with all that being said, today finally alot of prayers were answered and my step-dad was legally deemed disabled and will be finally getting financially supported by the system he paid years in too.

I celebrated today by eating ice cream for lunch:)!!!

“November Shred Challenge”
Due to the lack of nutrition at lunch today and considering it’s that time of the month my workout today was brutal and I am pushing my “Shred” body measurements off until tomorrow!  But I am still on the shred bandwagon and will give a full update tomorrow!  How is everyone else doing?!?!




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  1. That’s great news for your parents!

    I’m doing okay with the Shred challenge, however I can’t seem to movitate myself to do anything on the days I don’t shred. I really need to start training for 2012 races but I don’t. Blah!

  2. First of all – this time change is totally kicking my butt!! I’m so tired come 9 pm – ok – maybe 8 – but who’s really looking at the clock?! SHRED Update: Still going strong! Did Day 1 of Week 2 🙂 Hopefully will post my results tomorrow as well! in other news, glad to hear about your step-dad!

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