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Dirty duck…


Since I haven’t blogged in 10 years (not really but it feels like it) let me recap my turkey day and long weekend for ya’ll…

Wednesday night we got to my parents, had a delicious dinner, I made my cranberry relish and my mom prepared a duck she was going to roast the next day for Thanksgiving.  My hubby and I then placed the duck in compromising positions and took dirty pictures of it… HA HA HA!!!

Sorry mom I had to add that!

SO, on Thanksgiving morning I woke up bright and early to head to my “5k Turkey Trot” race.  I felt like crap but thought it was just that I was a tad anxious since I hadn’t ran in a race for so long.  The race started at 8:30am (or so I thought), my parents live about 5 minutes away and luckily we left early (thanks to my step-dad) that as we pulled up, the race (that started at 8am) was taking off and I literally jumped out of the car to the start line and started running.

I tried to get into the zone but considering not feeling good and having the anxiety at the start of the race it completely set the tone.  The entire I race I looked my watch and just told myself, “let’s get this over with.”  I didn’t enjoy a single minute of the run, which makes me sad as I reflect back to it.  I did however PR!  I finished in 30 minutes exactly and my watch said I ran 3.25 miles total, last year I ran it in 32 minutes.

After the race I got back to my parents and started getting ready and gradually started feeling worse and worse and WORSE!  By the time we got to my grandma’s for Thanksgiving I knew I definitely had the flu.  I will spare you the details but I spent more time in the bathroom and laying in my grandma’s bed than I did anything else.  I was SO excited to eat this year and I barely ate anything.  It was a total turkey day fail:(!  We headed up back home that night and I was down for the count.  The rest of the weekend was spent taking it extremely easy and I didn’t even feel back to my normal self until Sunday evening.

So that was my Turkey day… BOO!  I’m over it now though and am loading up on my vitamins and purel until    C-mas!  I’ll be damned if I get sick again!

On a more positive note I did manage to get all my Christmas decorating done pre-Thanksgiving:)

Tree #1

Tree #2

And tree #3

I went all out this year and even surprised myself a bit!  Could this Scrooge actually be getting into the Christmas spirit?!?  Hmmmm…..

Yesterday was my last day of Shred so tune in tomorrow for my Shred update and review (yea glad it’s over)!!!  I will also announce what I have up my sleeve for December, “Christmas Challenge” anyone:)!?!?

What was your favorite part about Thanksgiving? 

Mine was seeing my grandma!  Even though I didn’t get to talk with her much, when you still get to snuggle next to your 83 year-old grandma on a holiday not much else has to go right to make it a good day.



Shred Update: Week Two


Is it just me or is November flying by?  I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is next week already!  I can’t wait to EAT:)

HA HA HA!!! Just kidding family reading, this I promise I’m as excited to see you as you are to see me:)!!!  I am also running a fun run turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning (the same one I ran last year).  Its a three or five mile race and I’m deciding morning of Thanksgiving on which distance to run based solely on the weather!  More miles equals more food so I should really go with the 5 miler!

Now on to the good stuff….

Shred Update: Week Two

This past week I really pushed myself!  I have been alternating between Shred Level 2 and Shred Level 3.  Level 3 has some parts that are just bat shit crazy hard and had me feeling like I was going to D-I-E!  I like a brutal workout but this was a bit too much.  I did do level 3 again today though and did a bit better.  And I can officially say I love the traveling pushups!

Here is a recap of week one.  As I suspected my measurements didn’t change near as much as last week but I am still happy with my progress.  Since I started Shred my workouts in November have been:

Monday- 5 mile run and doing Shred

Tuesday- 45-minute spinning class

Wednesday- 5 mile run and doing Shred

Thursday- 45-minute spinning class + Abs

Friday- 5 mile run and doing Shred

Saturday- REST DAY

Sunday- 30-40 minute walk

Here is an update on my progress:

Like I said not as good as last week but a loss is a loss and I’ll take!

How are my other “shredders” out there doing?

I can honestly say I like this workout, it’s really helping me get some strength training in.

Is anyone else out there running a Turkey Trot this year?

The race I run in is just a fun run!  There isn’t a race fee you are just encouraged to bring a canned food as your entry and then all the food is donated to the Salvation Army.


Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.


Top Ten Tuesday


Nothing fun usually EVER happens on Tuesdays!  Wednesday is hump day… Thursday nights there is usually always something going on and Friday… its the freakin’ weekend baby!

So in honor of Tuesdays being uneventful, I present to you my “Top Ten Tuesday”.  Products I am in love with and can’t get enough of lately.

1.  Fiber Gummies- Fiber is good and gummy bears are good.  Combine the two and it is officially the!

2.  Brown Boots-  I recently got a coupon in the mail to Fashion Bug (not my favorite store), so I stopped in there to see if they had any cute boots.  What can I say I am my mothers daughter!  I found these gems and with my coupon ended up getting them for $25.00!  I am obsessed with them.

See boots HERE

3. Victoria Secret Incredible-  I recently picked up a travel size of this scent and have gotten a billion compliments and my hubby loves it!

4.  American Horror Story-

Do you like getting the shit scared out of your shit?!?!  Well if you do… this show is for you!  I make my husband turn off all the lights and we light every candle we own EVERY time this is on.  S-C-A-R-Y! Plus you get to see this fine specimen!

5.  Pinterest- Specifically the DYI section.  For our 1 year anniversary I recently made this picture frame for my hubby.  The hearts with writing have the lyrics to our first dance at our wedding on them.

6.  Coffee House Inspirations Skinny–  This gives any fancy dancy drink that I get at Starbucks a run for its $$$ and for less than half the calories.  A delicious way to drink a pot of coffee (I really need to cut back) without spending a million dollars or stretching your waist band.

7.  Batiste Dry Shampoo-  I picked this up at Ulta about month ago and LOVE it.  My hair gets really dried out if I wash it every day so this product has been a life saver!

8.  Lancome Bronzer-  I read about this product in my Shape magazine a few months ago and decided to pick some up for myself to try.  I got this at Sephora and it’s true to its review!  This product leave you with a golden hue without giving you carrot colored hands, knees and hands!

9. Zum Face– Walnut & Sugar Facial Scrub-  Want the perks of a facial but don’t have the time or $$$ to get a professional one?!?  This product rocks!

10.  Otterbox-  Dropped your I-Phone, shattered the screen and had to pay a shit ton to get it replaced (because you were to stupid to get insurance) ME TOO!  After getting insurance on my new phone I took it a step further and got this handy dandy case for peace of mind!  It works!

Hopefully you guys enjoyed my “top ten”!  Most of my featured products are under $20.00 and can be great stocking stuffers!  Christmas is coming:)!


Shred Update: Week One


Even though I’m a day late on this particular update… better late than never!  So in last weeks post I explained that I decided to jump on board the great “November Shred Challenge”,  that Kimi over at A Slice of Kiwi proposed.

I did complete 4 days of shred and did additional cardio usually 40 minutes of running.  My eating was the only down fall.  This past week my monthly lady friend was also in town, so I had a major sweet tooth hence the eating ice cream yesterday for lunch!  Last weekend I also drank way to much wine and Christmas Ale… yes as you guessed the two do NOT mix well as I found out on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Needless to say something is working because my measurements surprised the hell out of me!  Let me first say I think I was retaining some water due to my friend being in town!

I want to continue doing shred 4x a week and an additional 3.5-4 hours of cardio.  I have been doing Level Two of the shred to really push myself.   I also start a 6am spinning class tomorrow that is on Tues. and Thurs. mornings from 6am-6:45am.  It started this week and runs until Dec.15th.  I sporadically signed up for it today at the YMCA so wish me luck;)!

Prayers are answered…


First thing is first…

Is this time change kicking anyone else’s ass besides mine?!?!  By 5:30pm it’s completely dark outside now… it blows!  Last night the hubby was mowing the grass in complete darkness:)  I love the fall but this part I do not like!

Also did ya’ll hear the Duggar’s are expecting child number TWENTY!  Disgusting… it scares me to even have one kid!  Those people are bat shit CRAZY!

Onto other news…  Today was a GREAT day for my family.  For those of you that don’t know my step-dad has congestive heart failure and is no longer able to work and has been fighting for his disability the last three years! I’m sure that is hard to comprehend how stressful that could be for someone, but imagine your loved one getting hurt or told they have a terminal illness and are no longer able to work and your income is BAM… cut in half! Many people play the system because they are lazy and don’t wish to work for what they have, so they pretty much ruin it for the people that work there asses off their whole life and then have to fight for years for what they deserve.  SOOO with all that being said, today finally alot of prayers were answered and my step-dad was legally deemed disabled and will be finally getting financially supported by the system he paid years in too.

I celebrated today by eating ice cream for lunch:)!!!

“November Shred Challenge”
Due to the lack of nutrition at lunch today and considering it’s that time of the month my workout today was brutal and I am pushing my “Shred” body measurements off until tomorrow!  But I am still on the shred bandwagon and will give a full update tomorrow!  How is everyone else doing?!?!