Queen of the forest…


After a wonderful long weekend with my in-laws and all of Mike’s extended family today I woke up extra tired.

Friday night Mike and I headed over to Mike’s sisters for her birthday.  Dinner consisted of filipino steak (which is basically just sirloin tips), lots of RICE, cheesy potatoes, homemade macaroni and cheese, homemade biscuits and birthday cupcakes.  Notice something missing like VEGETABLES!!!! It’s hard to eat healthy around these people!!!  Anyways we had a very nice time and the best part was hanging out with my beautiful niece:)

Saturday I managed to drag Mike out and we got in a 3 mile hike during the day since it was so beautiful out.

Saturday night it was Mike’s annual family bonfire.  All of Mike’s extended family that lives in the U.S. heads to his auntie’s house in Massillon for a fun filled night of catching up, a giant bonfire and again eating MASS amount of delicious food.  The party always starts with all of the little ones showing everyone their Halloween costumes…

Mike and I are destined to have beautiful quarter filipino children:).  His auntie always starts the dinner with one hell of a salad bar (which is my favorite part).  There was so much food (too much to name all) but the show stopper every year is the giant steaks they get for everyone.  This year they hosted 39 total people which means minus the little ones they prepared over 30 steaks!  I don’t care for red meat so I always give my steak to Mike and he shares it with his brother.  After dinner and visiting with family, everyone then bundles up and heads down to the giant bonfire where there is always all the making for s’mores, hot homemade apple cider, and hot chocolate!

Sunday we woke up bright and early and headed to church with Mike’s Uncle Gary which was great, and then it was back over to his Auntie’s for brunch…. again more food!

So although this weekend was great, there was one common theme…. FOOD!!!


When I woke up this morning I was tired, lethargic and knew I had to get my over indulging butt back in gear!  I hate Monday’s because I always get slammed with work issues and today I was also extremely anxious because my step dad has been admitted to the hospital for his congestive heart failure so they can run a slew of tests on him (he is doing well tonight).  I really buckled down at work today with the promise to myself that at 4pm I was calling it a day, putting on my running gear and heading out to my favorite trail.


I honestly looked forward to my run tonight all day.  This trail is 6 miles long and I told myself I was going to keep running until I felt better physically and mentally.  This run was hard and a challenge, but all the mental bitching I did made time ease by a bit because before I knew it I had 5.5 miles done.  I was going to quit and walk the rest back to my car, but I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye.  It was a deer and it was literally jogging the same direction as me towards my car 2o feet away from being side to side with me.  I saw it as a sign and sucked it up and finished strong.  The deer escaped into the woods and I crawled into my car exhausted but accomplished.  I’m glad Monday is over:)!!!



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  1. Me, Kaye, Rob and maybe your mother (obviously depending on Denny is doing) will be in Berea on Saturday. Kate has a concert Saturday night but we will be there probably around lunch time or so. Just wanted to let you know in case you would want to join us especially if your mom would come along. Love you!

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