Gotta spend your whole life trying…


Did anybody have a bad case of the Mondays like I did?!?!

To put it frank it was a BIOTCH coming back to work today.  This weekend was SO beautiful and SO short!!!  Friday night we hung out at Mike’s brothers and played a fun game called, “Telestrations”.  Its kind of like playing telephone with a group of people but you draw pictures.  I’m a sucker for board games and it’s hilarious (I promise we’re not an old married couple).

Saturday night we had a few people over, grilled out and made a bonfire.  It was the perfect night for one!
Mike and I are doing something pretty cool this year!  Summit County metro parks has this thing called a “Fall Hiking Spree”.  You can get a form to join off there website:

Hike at least eight of the designated trails. After completing each hike, date your form. Hikes must be completed September through November 30. Parks are open daily, 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., unless otherwise noted.  First-year hikers earn a hiking staff and shield. Veteran hikers earn the hiking shield.   Since the program is funded by Summit County tax dollars, out-of-county residents pay to receive their hiking rewards ($10 for first-year hikers, $5 for veteran hikers).

It’s fun and something I really wanted to do last year but we heard about it too late!  We already had two hikes completed and then yesterday we did two more because it was so beautiful out!  So we’re half way there!  I know its kinda dorky but oh well it’s fun.

Another awesome thing that happened this weekend is I am down a total 9 pounds from the 17 day diet:).  I’m going to talk about this ALOT more tomorrow in my blog but YEA!  Which also means I am down 30 pounds since I returned from my honeymoon last year 9.12.10!  Woo hoo:)!!!

Even though today was a LONG rough day! I finished on a high with a 5 mile run on the treadmill:)

How was your day?















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