What a beautiful Monday this has been!  I did a cheat weigh in this morning and was down two more pounds BOO-YAH!!!  And then tonight Mike and I did a difficult, MUDDY, but pretty 2 mile hike.  It wasn’t super long but its alot of climbing…  Did I mention how beautiful it was?!?

Hopefully you guys all had a great weekend.  I sure did and was sad to see it end but then again I always am! Friday night Mike and I went to Cleveland to hang out with friends and I got to see my bff Jill’s new place with her boyfriend Lou.  We just laid low and hung out there but shared a lot of good laughs.  This picture pretty much sums up the night!

Saturday I woke up and was feeling a little home sick so I decided to fly solo and head to my parents in Tiffin for the rest of the weekend!  I got there around 1pm and my mom and I ran some errands which included stopping at a farmers market where I got a TON of delicious fruits and veggies for $14!!!  I need to start hitting up the farmers markets in my area it’s seriously SO much cheaper.  After the market we headed over to visit my Grandma and my Aunt Kim ended up stopping by as well so it was nice to chit chat with them.  My favorite part was my grandpa walking in and saying, “What have you lost 50 pounds?!?”.  It was only 5 pds. but thanks for noticing grandpa… I think?!?

The best part of going to stay with my parents was the delicious dinner we had Saturday night!  I made a salad…

And my mom made crab legs!!!

Lots of them!!!  And they were SO good and everything that was served I could eat on my diet!

Sunday I headed back home and hung out with my hubby, did some yard work and relaxed!  I also should note that LOTS of amazing 9/11 stories were watched and read throughout the weekend and it reminded me how blessed I am to have such amazing friends and family in my life and it was a good reminder to never take a day for granted.  I heard this song on my drive home and literally cried for 20 minutes…

I was really proud of myself this weekend for sticking on my diet plan it really did pay off.  Instead of having that lethargic feeling I tend to get Sunday nights from all the crap I ate and alcohol I drank I felt great.  I was actually looking forward to weighing this morning.  Like I said I was down two more pounds and its that time of the month, so I will take it!!!


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