Half full…


Hola ya’ll!  Continuing on with the “17 Day Diet” talk…  First I will start with alittle update:

So far so good!  I am already down 2 pds. since Tuesday morning’s weigh in and I am feeling great.  I haven’t cheated at all except for a half a glass of Pinot Noir last night that I had while celebrating my friends engagement.  I was proud of myself considering everyone else had MUCH more wine while nibbling on appetizers.  I’ve read alot of others opinions of this diet and many have complained its too much meat.  I however disagree… every meal or snack should really consist of some sort of protein so I already basically practiced that before this diet.  You can have an array of lean meats as well fish so I have been switching it up a lot to avoid boredom.   I am only going into day four though so we’ll see if I keep this “glass half full” attitude by day 17!

Now moving on to the exercise portion of this diet…  In the book it recommends a 17-minute exercise routine that should be performed twice a day six days a week.  He recommends 17 minutes in the morning and then again in the evening.  This can be from a brisk walk to dancing around your house.  For me this is extremely easy since I already workout quite a bit.  But I also like the approach because it’s nice for a beginner and doesn’t seem overwhelming.  So for example, yesterday I ran 30 minutes on the treadmill and then did an arm strength routine.  Today I did a brisk walk in the morning and then again after lunch.  Like I said this approach is very manageable.  This has been good for me because I am totally one of those kind of girls who focuses much more on exercise then my diet and I know this is an issue and I feel like this is a HEALTHY approach focusing on both!

I’m really proud of myself so far and honestly am feeling great!

Have you ever tried “clean eating”?  How did you feel? 


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