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Today felt like a Monday but was really Tuesday which means one day closer to the weekend so it was a WIN WIN!  Going back to work after a long weekend is always brutal but getting back on schedule was nice after all the crap I ate this weekend, the alcohol I drank and the late late nights!

Last night I started reading a new ebook called, “The 17 day diet”.  It’s gotten a lot of hype because the doctor that created it was on the Dr. Oz show.  I know a couple people who have done the diet, so I wanted to read and learn more about it.

Wikipedia explains the diet as:

The 17 Day Diet is a diet created in 2010 by Mike Moreno.[1]

The diet is centered around the idea of metabolic confusion and was originally made to be a weight loss plan to get rid of or avoid typical holiday weight gain. The diet has four cycles that the dieter must follow:

  1. Accelerate: Encourages rapid weight loss, cleansing and fat burning. Discourages fat storage in the dieter.
  2. Activate: Resets the metabolism of the dieter.
  3. Achieve: Develops good eating habits and helps the dieter to learn how to eat carbohydrates.
  4. Arrive: A combination of the first three cycles.
Now please don’t get it twisted I am NOT into fad diets or anything in general that is even called a diet.  I am looking at this as more of a good detox for my body and a good back to basics platform as the weather starts getting colder.  It’s always good to check yourself and how you eat.  Also anybody can eat extra healthy for only 17 days… right?!?!  We’ll see!
I started with Cycle One today… so I went to the grocery store on my lunch break to STOCK up!
Cycle One is:
1.  Drink 8 ounces of hot lemon water first thing in the AM
2.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner consist of:
  • Unlimited amounts of vegetables (excluding: beans, potatoes, corn, avocado)
  • Unlimited amounts of lean protein
    • Chicken and Turkey
    • Eggs ( two yolks= a serving, four egg whites= a serving)
    • Fish
Other Key Elements of the Diet:
  • Drink 3 glasses of green tea throughout the day
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day- 64 ounces total
  • Eat 2 probiotics a day (yogurt & etc.)
  • Eat 2 pieces of fruit a day (last fruit must be consumed before 2pm)
    • Low sugar fruits only – such as peaches, apples, grapes and other selected
I am only going to do a one time through cycle one and then evaluate where I am and how I feel.  I also have chosen Wednesday’s as my weigh in day!  I will be done on Sept. 22nd.
Tomorrow I will explain more about the exercise portion of the diet and what my plan is there!  Hope everyone had a good Tuesday back to the grind!

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