End of summer, beginning of year two:)


Is anyone as sad as me that this LONG weekend is over???:(   I am SO not ready to head back to work already tomorrow!  This weekend was so great and special in so many ways so let me start from the beginning…


Friday, Mike and I both took the day off of work so we slept in and ate a good breakfast and then I dragged him on a run with me.  You may forget but Friday was hot as BALLS… like 95 degrees here in Ohio.  Our workout drained us both so when we got home we both crashed.  That night for dinner we checked out a new restaurant/bar nearby and then headed to see one of Mike’s friends play in his band.  Friday night was a boy’s night for sure but I always have a good time and lots of laughs with Mike’s crew so it was all good.


Saturday we decided to get all of our typical Sunday “chores” completed so Sunday we could just completely relax since Sunday was our 1 year wedding anniversary:)!!!  Saturday was just as unbearably hot and humid as Friday but we worked out in the yard and did a ton of stuff around the house before we headed to Cleveland for my wedding anniversary gift from the hubby.

Mike got us tickets to see the Tedeschi and Trucks band at the Jacobs pavilion in Cleveland.  He kept telling me he just got us general admission tickets however when we got there he pleasantly surprised me and we actually had THIRD ROW seats:)!!!!

The show was absolutely amazing and the Cleveland sky line in the background just made the show that much better.  If your not familiar with Susan Tedeschi def check her out!  Derek Trucks is her husband and renown guitar player and the album they are promoting now called, “Revelator” is a collaboration between the two.   Here is one of my favorite songs from the album…


Sunday marked our one year wedding anniversary:)!!!!  And I woke up to this…

Mike and I both reflected how quickly this past year had gone by and although it had its ups and downs like most years do we both agreed what a happy blessed place we are both in right now.   Since we had gone to the show the night before, we kept the day pretty low key .  Mike planned an early dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants.  We both got dressed up and headed to the restaurant for our 4pm reservation.  We celebrated with a bottle of wine and had a wonderful time eating TONS of delicious food and chit chatting the evening away:)!

And then folks that brings us to today!

Labor Day…

Today we had a cook out at our home with Mike’s family.  We grilled out and had a ton of delicious food!  The best part was I got to see this little girl…

And we found out she is going to be a big sister and Mike and I will be an auntie and uncle again in April 2012:)!!! Mike’s sister is prego again and only announced it to us so far and since no one from his family reads my blog I can share it with you guys:)!!!  I’m excited, I love babies!

So all in all I had a fantastic weekend and want to give my husband major props for making our first anniversary SOOOO special.  I love you Mr. Socrates;)!!!

But for reals my AZZZ needs to get back on the wagon tomorrow because all of this delicious food I ate this past weekend isn’t going to work itself off…  Sadly my bootcamp class ended last week so I need to revamp my workout routine schedule for the fall (tear, summer is over).  With the cool temps this week I see a lot of running in my near future!

What was the best part of your long Labor Day weekend? 


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  1. What a great guy you’ve got there, Ang. Congrats on your anniversary!
    Best part of my weekend was the long nap Jay and I took on the couch Saturday afternoon. I can’t remember the last time we napped like that!!

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