Yea!!! Zzzzz….


Good news!  Mike and I got the cabin the weekend we wanted in October:)!!!  So even though we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary alittle late it will be a lot of fun!

Work this week is SLOW which is a-ok with me because shit is going to hit the fan in September!  Over my lunch break I did all of our yard work… (this picture is to good to NOT post)!

Since today is Tuesday it means it’s a bootcamp day.  Since we do a lot of strength training and not a ton of cardio in class, I left the house extra early and stopped at one my favorite close metro parks and went on a quick 2 mile hike before class.  I was nice and sweaty when I got to class tonight but only 4 people (including me) showed up… there are 15 people signed up!  Class tonight was very different we had 6 different stations set up and each one resembled and outdoor yard activity:

Station One)

Push a wheel barrel with tons of soil in it around an obstacle course for 1 minute.

Station Two)

Pull a long heavy rope with a 25 pound kettle bell tied to the end, down a field for one minute.

Station Three)

There were cones set up at each end of the field and we had to dead lift and pick a bag of soil up, carry it the other side then set down and repeat for one minute.

Station Four)

We had to swing a large heavy sledge hammer over our head and slam it on a giant tire and repeat for one minute.

Station Five)

We used a thatching rake in the field for one minute.

Station Six)

We had to dig a hole for a minute.

We repeated this three times total.  Like I said this class was very different but kicked my ass all the same!  So after the yard work, hiking and bootcamp and I am beat!




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  1. I would have loved to see a video of that bootcamp!!! WOW! I bet u were thrilled that u got all of your yard work out of the way!!! Only the people that could hack it showed up, that’s why you look FABULOUS!!! Love You!

  2. So glad you got the cabin! I’ve never been to Hocking Hills, but I’ve heard it’s pretty awesome – so much to do there.
    Boot camp sounds fantastic! I can’t wait until I’m back to 100% so I can go to the bootcamp I signed up for!

  3. Sounds like an awesome way to celebrate to me! We had to book a hotel for an upcoming relative’s wedding and Ryan was SET on finding a campsite with either tenting or a cabin instead but then he remembered that the hotel provided shuttle service. 😉

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