Take time…


For you!  It is a known fact that women especially tend to never take enough time for themselves.  In fact, research has shown that women today are less happy than women in the 1970’s!  Since I work from home and don’t have any children yet, I have plenty of alone time but I don’t always spend my time doing things that benefit ME.  Since I’m sure most of you, my readers, may suffer from this as well I thought I would provide some tips to help you find some healthy ME time!

1.) Find Time

Even if it is 5 minutes a day!  Everyone can squeeze some “me time” out of their day.  It may mean getting up 20 minutes early or going to bed 20 minutes later.  For those of you that work a typical 8am-5pm work day you get a lunch break right?  USE it or you will LOSE.  Your company gives you that break time because legally they have to. They count on 95% percent of us to work right through it, but DON’T!  In the long run you are only losing precious “me time”.

2.) Exercise-

Why don’t more people exercise?  Here are the three main reasons:

  • It’s giving to yourself instead of others (women!)
  • It takes time, and it’s not a habit.
  • The benefits don’t happen right away, nor are they obvious.
Now let me give you numerous reason you should exercise.  Even if its a 20 minute brisk walk on your lunch break (wink, wink)
  • Exercise control weight
  • Exercise improves mood
  • Exercise boosts energy
  • Exercise promotes sleep
  • Exercise CAN be fun
It takes finding ME time to fit exercise into anyones schedule and that is the ONLY downfall.  No one has ever regretted a workout… period!  This was the view on mine today!
3.)  Read
Even if you don’t especially enjoy reading the benefits are endless just like exercise.  Reading can improve your knowledge, expand your general culture, persuade you to have more fun, make your imagination fly, it can help you find new ways to express your ideas, and last but not least, it can expand your vocabulary.

4.) Have friends
According to Dr. Mardie Rossi, Woman need time for themselves, and with other women. Further research shows that women are happier when they take the time to connect deeply with other women, to make meaning and sense of their lives, and to learn to live from an their authentic selves.
How do you take time out of your day for a little “me time”???


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