Random #1-  I can’t believe I haven’t blogged for 7 whole days!  To be completely honest, I have had MAJOR writers block.   And it was my birthday this past Sunday so I sort of had an excuse.  We went karaoking and I won a trophy…

Ok. I lied. I drank to much and then claimed this random bar trophy as my own… but I like my version better!

Random #2-

Tonight I ran five miles and my knee started hurting.  Now I’m scared that since I’m a year older that I’m falling apart and/or developing arthritic appendages:(!

Random #3-

I’ve literally had 20 people ask me within the last couple weeks when Mike and I plan to have kids… um NEVER! Just kidding of course, we want kids someday but it’s not like I am pushing menopause anytime soon and we haven’t even been married a flipping year PEOPLE!  Plus having a kid terrifies me (and probably always will) SO we’re going to wait a while folks:)!

Random #4-

I am reading a great book on my nook right now called, “Everyday Zen” by Charlotte Beck and it is AMAZING!   Here is a paragraph that really hit home with me:

The only people who live comfortably are those who learn not to dream their lives away, but to with what’s right here-now, no matter what it is: good, bad, nice, not nice, headache, being ill, being happy.  It doesn’t make any difference.

That paragraph was my “light bulb moment” as Oprah would say!  The older I get the more I dream my life away, “when I have more money”, “when I lose ten pounds”.  This books really focuses on the here and now and how to live a overall comfortable life.  It states, “If we can accept the way things are, we’re not going to be greatly upset by anything.  And if we do become upset it is over more quickly.”  Yes mom you need to read this as well:)!

Random #5-

I need to start going to bed earlier… I’ve become a reality TV whore and enough is enough!

It feels good to be back:)!!!


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  1. 1st off you do not have arthritis in your knee, just keep doing what you do, you do not fall apart at 28 years of age, I’m 50 and I can kick, and stretch…..and I’m 50! 2nd, it’s rude that people ask you about having children, this is a personal decision and it is no one’s business, so it really is a rude question when u think about it! U R correct, enjoy your honeymoon phase of your marriage, may it last a lifetime. 3rd, I will check out the book at the library, as I still love going to the library ~ I’m totally against “nooks”. Last but not least, don’t u have a DVR? AND if u quit watching reality TV and start living more of your own, you have more to blog about……think about it! Much Love, Mom

  2. As usual what awesome comments from your mom. She is coming with us Sunday to move Katie in for moral support. So if you want to coordinate and meet us that would be great.

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