I’m back… back:)


Thanks for all the blog love:)  Who knew people actually read this shiz…. I missed you guys too:)

So let me do a quick little recap of why I haven’t blogged in SO long…


Saturday morning my parents came into town for my birthday.  We decided to head to the West Market in Cleveland for the day since my parents or my husband (who lived in Cleveland for 5+ years) had never been there!  And my bff Jilly meant us!  While we all checked out the market…

This guy stood in line for almost 45 minutes for a gyro…

For those of you that aren’t “Clevelanders” this gyro spot was on, “Man versus Food” and is kind of a big deal;)!  Mike said the gyro was delicious and worth the wait!  After walking around the market we then all headed over to The Bier Market where I had the BEST bloody mary ever!  Hey it was 5 o’clock somewhere;)!

Eventually we headed back home and relaxed a bit before we were off for dinner.  Since dinner was my “birthday dinner” I choose a sushi spot that I had heard great things about.  We went to dinner at Big Eye in Fairlawn and it rocked!  We ordered a ton of different sushi and they served it all on this awesome boat…

It was SO freaking good… I have been craving sushi since we ate it!  My actually birthday is August 14th so I may order some take out on my big day;)!  After my parents treated us to a delicious dinner we headed to a nearby bar for karaoke which turned into a great drunken mess!


Thankfully I woke up hangover free and we all headed out for a delicious breakfast.  My mom and I got some grocery shopping done at Earth Fare and then my parents headed back home!

Overall we had a great weekend!  Now that I have you all back up to speed,  tune back in tomorrow for a WORKOUT update!


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  1. Ahhh. Gyros and sushi—-two of my very FAVE things. {that I can’t eat right now…damnit.}

    I was somewhere a few weeks ago that had a food court. I couldn’t find anything I REALLY wanted so I ended up at a mediocre taco stand. After we ate I rounded a corner and ran into a gyro place that I hadn’t seen and almost cried that I wasted lunch on a stinky taco. haha.

    Love the karaoke drunken mess. FUN. Your inserted pics always make me chuckle.

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