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Can I first start by saying how freaking happy I am that this week as a whole is over!!!  I thought today was going to turn it around.

Mike and I went on a 14 mile trail bike ride today and by the time we were done I felt SOOOO much better!  Not only did the ride give me clarity but it also made me look forward to this upcoming week with a positive outlook.  When we were about 5 minutes from returning home I even told my hubby, “I feel so much better”.  Then we pulled into the driveway, I hopped out and this happened…

I dropped my iPhone and my screened shattered…. AHHHHH!!!  Let’s just say that there was ALOT of cursing and maybe a even few tears.  But after my husband yet AGAIN reminded me not to sweat the small stuff and I had a small heart to heart with my mom about life in general lately, I can say I now feel a lot better.  It also helped that I was able to get a new phone about 20 minutes after breaking my old one… again thanks to my hubby.  What would I do without that man!?!?

So on a lighter note… the other day I was tagged on the ongoing motivational mama Kimi’s page at A Slice of Kiwi.  Here goes nothing;)!!!

My most popular post –  By far my most popular post was the day I was featured on Skinny Runner’s page.  The post was entitled,  “Considering and considerations.”  I really admire Skinny Runner’s blog so that day was really cool for me to get a little taste of the amount of readers as she does daily!

My most beautiful post-  The post that I think that pulled the heart strings the most and that I really poured my heart into was, “Isn’t it Ironic“.  In this post I shared the story of my fathers passing and the relationship between my step-dad and myself.

My most controversial post – I really haven’t had any “haters” comment on my blog.  I guess I’ve just really never offended anyone… ever:)!?!?

Most helpful post –  Most of the recipes blogs I have posted I have had at least one person inquire on how it turned out or tips and tricks to make it taste better.  So even though I am by no means a cook I’ll go with this one.

Surprise success post – This post got alot of attention during, “Nurses Week” from people googling for gift ideas.  I love google!

Post that didn’t get enough attention –  Every post that didn’t get at least ONE comment!  Just kidding:)!  I started my blog for ME!  Some posts are better than others and that just the way it goes.

Post I’m the most proud of –  By far my most FAVORITE post thus far was the day I recapped running my first marathon entitled, “I did it…”. I worked really hard to accomplish that goal and I did it and got to share it with all of you… it was an awesome feeling!

I hope you guys ALL have a great week!  Say a little prayer for me that I do too;)!




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  1. I said a little prayer for you before i laid my head to sleep! I was happy to see that you blogged ~ remember you can blog when you are having the shittiest of weeks, your not the only one out there, and it once u get it out, it will help u put it into perspective. Cause always remember….”some days your the windshield and some days, your the bug” ….. 😛

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