Everyone’s OK…


Uhh where do I start?!?!  Today was NOT a good day.  Work was extremely stressful, I swear I had a post-it on my forehead that said, “Please call me and bitch about EVERYTHING”…

Since the workday was so awful I planned to go on a long bike ride after work and I did just that!  I rode my bike on the trails near our house for 50 minutes and got in about 11 miles, it felt great!  After my bike ride my head was clear and I felt SO much better until this…


Here is the story…

I knew my husband was heading over to his brothers after work to go out to dinner with him and an old friend, so when I got this text my day immediately went to shit again!  Apparently my husband had his car parked on the street in front of his brothers (Matt) house, and there friend Kerns, was turning to pull into Matt’s driveway when a woman on a cell phone coming towards Kerns didn’t yield and instead of hitting her head on, he tried to turn fast and the back end of his giant trunk took out the front left bumper of Mike’s car.  Of course the lady on the cell phone just kept on driving…

Luckily it is just the front bumper that is damaged and no frame work but it still sucks a big fat one!!! Mike has barely had this car 6 months and its just a big inconvenience.  His friend has insurance of course and the cops came and in the end everyone was ok (I keep trying to remind myself of this) but it was still a really shitty ending to our day!  Tomorrow Mike will get a rental and his car will be sent off to be fixed so we are hoping its not a lengthly process.  My husband works in insurance so he doesn’t freak out about this kind of stuff (or anything) as much as I do, but I know he was pretty pissed too.

So yea today was pretty much a bust or as I am going to call it a, “WTF Wednesday”.  I wasn’t even going to blog tonight because I feel like such a Debbie Downer but it saves me from re-telling and explaining the story 20 times (Mom)…

So in closing… yield for on-coming cars and don’t be an a-hole on your cell phone while drive….


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  1. I wish I wouldn’t find out everything on your blog. Mike will get his rental today and the car will come back looking brand new!! Mike should be pissed and Kerns is an idiot!!!!!

  2. yeh i dont belive the “lady on the cell phone story” although i hit lindsay dunns parked car in high school. and i think you sould get that cat tattoo on your belly! SSSSSiiiikee!

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