NOOO I am NOT prego!  But I have been cleaning and nesting like a mofo this week!  I moved my office to a different room in our house, cleaned out our entire attic and have pretty much cleaned out and organized every drawer and closet in our entire house.  It is spotless and organized and I feel GREAT!!!

Last night I got an early birthday present…

My birthday isn’t until August 14th but I have really wanted an e-reader.  I did alot of research between the nook and the kindle and I decided to go with the nook because of the option to lend from your local library.  I got my first book last night…

So far the book is great!  I read way to late which is why I never got around to blogging:-)!  I have the perfect little reading spot in my bedroom…

Yes I’m sitting there right now… and yes I’m off to read:)!!!  Tune in tomorrow to hear all about my first bootcamp class tonight!  I decided to dedicate an entire post to telling ya’ll how much it rocked my socks:)!!!


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  1. So where did you move your office to….? back downstairs? We do need to come for a visit. Your reading area looks lovely!
    Love You! 🙂

  2. I keep meaning to read Bossy Pants. I’ve heard such good things!
    Btw, if you like lists, I can make you a list for my house. It needs a good cleaning!!!!!!!! 🙂

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