Choices… choices


We just had some pretty brutal storms blow through here so I think it’s finally safe to type and not be electrocuted:)  Happy Monday ya’ll!  Today was another brutally hot day outside and a slow one at work so I found many things to pass the time:)

I mixed shades of nail polish to create a cool purplish and then painted my nails:

I tried out some new Crystal Light Green Peach Tea Mango (YUM) that I bought this past weekend…

On my lunch break I ran to K-Mart to buy a stop-watch and a jump rope (I’ll explain) and while I was there I saw two idiots get arrested for shop lifting (seriously dumb asses).  And I finally broke down and bought a new robe wrap…

My mom and Mike will be so happy:)  I’ve had the same “Hello Kitty”(don’t judge) wrap robe for years and LOVED it but it was looking a little haggard and K-Mart had them on sale for $9.99 so it was time to say goodbye to “Hello Kitty”:(!

So after work today I did a KILLER workout off of  If you jump to 3:10 you can watch the workout…

This was BRUTAL!!!!  It took me a hell of a lot longer than 20 minutes but I was seriously dripping with sweat by the time I finished so I was a happy camper!  If you looking for some great HITT workouts this website is your best bet!

HITT workouts burn a TON of calories which means I can eat more…

I just found out there opening one in Akron and I am SOOO pumped:-)

Confession Time…

So I know awhile back I said I was 98% sure that I was going to run the Akron 1/2 Marathon, well….  now I’m not so sure.  I’m still haven’t even registered.   Running a half marathon was ALWAYS on my bucket list and now that I’ve done it I’m just not as driven as I was before.  My training has been LACKING to say the least.  I’ve still been running but I’ve also been walking, biking, kick boxing and doing fun workouts like I did today.  It’s been so hot out and with no one to run with I am just not that ambitious.  I’m really enjoying my summer and still staying in great shape so I’m actually not that unhappy with myself.  I will run another 1/2 marathon it just probably won’t be in Sept.  I have a good friend running in Columbus in October so I may set my sites on that instead.  Choices… choices:)  I had to share this with everyone though in case you wondered why my blog wasn’t all about running again!

Thanks for all the comments about my tat:)  Again, I know there not everyone’s “thing”, but my sugar skull is healing beautifully and I could not be happier!


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  1. 1st off – I am so thankful for the new wrap, you may burn Hello Kitty now and I know that Michael must be thanking God! I’m excited to see the new crystal light, I will have to check it out! Then last but not least, if you are that bored that you have to mix polish…..I have some serious dusting that needs to be done!! 🙂

  2. A couple things:
    1. Purple nail polish is the jam (I first noticed it when you posted your tattoo!)
    2. is hard as hell, but so awesome at the same time
    3. Menchies is FANTASTIC!!
    4. RUN COLUMBUS!!!!!!!!! Jay is running, too, along with 3 of our other friends!

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