Something fishy is going on…


Happy Tuesday my friends!  Today was HOT but beautiful out and work was SLOW so I took advantage of the down time.  On my lunch break I headed over to the park near where we live again and busted out a sweaty 4 mile run:)!  It was seriously like 100 degrees out with the humidity…

Once I got home, ate lunch and worked a bit more I got ambitious again decided to tackle the yard work!  I’m truly a “Susie Homemaker” in the sense that when my hubby gets home I like him to be able to relax.  However, then I tend to feel like I do everything so it’s sort of a catch 22!  Anyways, I got the yard work done so when Mike got home from work we could eat dinner and then just head to Silver Lake to go on a short 2 mile hike. However it was even HOTTER out when I cut the grass so I worked up my second sweat of the day!

I even managed to get a battle wound…

I am NEVER using the weed wacker again.  I’m not sure what cut my leg, but it hurt like a bitch and I sat in our yard cussing for like two minutes after it happened.  I’m pretty sure my next door neighbor got a kick out of it!  After yard work was done I took a nice long shower before starting dinner.  Tonight we had…

5 Spice Tilapia for Two

Again not my picture!  This recipe was SO easy to make and SO good!  The sauce really makes the fish and it was just something I have never really tasted before.  Plus its very low in calories so that’s always a good thing!  I also made…

Fettuccini Alfredo with Zucchini Ribbons

This recipe was GROSS!  Even though my hubby smiled and said it was good, I could just tell:(.  Nothing is as good as the real mccoy but the recipe was way off.  It was very bland and just not that tasty.  Oh well though, you win some you lose some!

After dinner we cleaned up then headed to Silver Lake to do a short mile hike.

It was still pretty humid out but it was a nice way to unwind for the day and its really beautiful and shaded there so we had a nice time.  So yes folks I had 3 sweat sessions today and I am beat!!!!  But “Teen Mom” is on tonight and my friend just texted me today that these crazy’s are back August 4th…

Life is good:)








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  1. I like the pic shot of the duck down on the floor….quit doing so much when you should be working, you will become bitter!! What are u doing the weekend of the 22-23rd? I’d like to come for a visit so you can cook out for us and I can see your deck? 🙂

  2. Wow, talk about a sweatastic day! And that cut you got is the reason I tell Jay that I don’t know how to use the lawn mower or week wacker. 🙂
    Yay for Jersey Shore – I cannot wait!!

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