Farewell my friend…


Tomorrow morning Mike and I are saying farewell to this guy…

Our cat Claude is moving to a new home and a MUCH better fit for him.  My assistant at work had mentioned she was thinking about getting another cat to keep her cat Joey company.  She mentioned Joey was an indoor/outdoor cat and a light bulb went off.  Claude is an escape artist constantly trying to get outside… he could be Joey’s PIC (partner in crime).

One time he did indeed get outside and he was gone for a month!  It’s become very stressful when we have company over because he always tries to get outside and he likes to eat EVERYTHING!  If you leave anything out for more than 5 seconds Claude will find it and eat it and make a HUGE mess!

I rescued Claude from the Cleveland APL back in 2007 and there is no doubt in my mind he was an outdoor cat before he came to live with me.  My assistant and her family lives way out in the country on a dead end road on a farm and loves animals and there is no doubt in my mind she will take great if not better care of him then we have.  So while I’m sure I will shed a few tears tomorrow morning I feel like I am giving Claude to his forever home:)!!!

Claude in usual spot looking out the window thinking of ways to escape…


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  1. Goodbye Claude, You are a Wonderful, Beautiful Animal ~ Grandma & Grandpa will miss you when we visit. Run Free, Big Guy, Run Free…. and Enjoy your new “Home”. :*/

  2. One of my cats was born on a farm and although we adopted her a few weeks later, she is CONSTANTLY trying to get outside. (must be ingrained into her memory) I try to stop it but she’s always waiting at the door for someone to leave it open and sneak out a crack. And then she just finds sunlight and rolls around in it! It’s not my favorite thing because I hate not knowing where she is…but Ryan loves it because she’s his little gardening buddy. Good luck to Claude in his new life!!

  3. Awwww…….well, I’m glad that Claude is going to a good home. It’s good of you to recognize where he would be happiest. He’ll love you forever because of that.

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