Back to Reality…


I’m back folks!!!  This past weekend we had a great time in DC but I’m SOOOO happy to be back home and back to reality.  In proper recap fashion I will share some pictures of our trip and do a very quick recap:)…

We arrived in DC late Friday night.  On Saturday we headed to the Potomac River and walked a short trail to view some beautiful scenery.


On Sunday we took the metro into the city and hit up some monuments and museums.

                                              My sister-in-law and her family…

                                              The Pisani family who hosted our stay…

I won’t bore you with anymore pictures but we really did have a great time!!!  But now that all of these weekend get away’s are over with, it is time for my butt to get back into GEAR!!!  I have kept my weight pretty steady due to an awesome online food diary (tune in tomorrow for more details).  But my exercising has been pretty non-existent until today…  Today I did a four mile run/walk and a brutal leg and ab workout.  I also sat down and mapped out my workouts for the rest of July.  I’m serious it’s time to get back to business!!!










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