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Week one is done:)


Week one of bootcamp is donezo!!!  And I’m still alive:)!!!

Since I didn’t get to recap Tuesday’s class yesterday, I’ll explain it along with a recap of todays class!  Ok, so when I got to class on Tuesday I was a little intimidated, there was 12 of us total and myself and one other girl were the only “newbies”.  So I smiled a lot and made small talk to fit in…

The instructor of the class introduced herself and explained that since it was the first class of a new session she was going to have us run through some “tests”  so she could see where we were physically and she had each of us track our starting point.  This was the list of test we ran through:

1.) Timed half mile- I think I ran this in 4:09 (I sprinted)

2.) Prisoner Squats- We had to count how many we could do in 2 minutes

3.) Left front lunge- We had to count how many we could do in 1 minute

4.) Right front lunge- We had to count how many we could do in 1 minute

5.) Pushups- We had to count how many we could do in 2 minutes

6.) Plank- We had to count how many we dropped out of the plank in 2 minutes

7.) Left side plank- We had to count how many we dropped out of the plank in 1 minute

8.) Right side plank- We had to count how many we dropped out of the plank in 1 minute

9.) Superman- We had to count how many we could do in 2 minutes

10.) Crunches- We had to count how many we could do in 2 minutes

Tuesdays class wasn’t very hard at all but I thought is was extremely smart of the instructor to first assess the class.  It gave her a chance to see where us newbies were at and it also gave the rest of her class a chance to see how far they had come.  Since I used to teach classes in college I appreciate a smart HARD instructor and this one rocks!  She is a personal trainer, a fitness model and studying to get her MA and post rehab therapy.  So the lady knows her shit!  The entire time we were do each exercise she was constantly giving cues and telling us what we were working and tips on how to make weak parts of our body stronger (like my entire upper body).

Tonight’s class though was NO joke!  It got really hard REALLY fast…

We started we a 5 minute warm up run and then did a quick group stretch.  The came the hell zone!  The instructor set-up an obstacle course that we did for 15 straight minutes.  It consisted of:

100 yard dash- sprint

Hop on left foot through a set of cones

Hop on right foot through a set of cones

We had to plank walk through a rope ladder

Frog jump through 5 hulu hoops

Crab crawl thorough a set of cones

15 walking lunges

And then repeated it for 15 straight minutes!!!  By the end I was one sweaty chick…

We spent the next 20 minutes doing a ton of different core exercises and I am already so sore that it hurts when I laugh.  We finished with stretching and… week one of boot camp was complete!  I’m SO happy I joined this class it’s a brutal workout and I have already meant some really nice people!  Now here’s hoping I can walk tomorrow:)





Everyone’s OK…


Uhh where do I start?!?!  Today was NOT a good day.  Work was extremely stressful, I swear I had a post-it on my forehead that said, “Please call me and bitch about EVERYTHING”…

Since the workday was so awful I planned to go on a long bike ride after work and I did just that!  I rode my bike on the trails near our house for 50 minutes and got in about 11 miles, it felt great!  After my bike ride my head was clear and I felt SO much better until this…


Here is the story…

I knew my husband was heading over to his brothers after work to go out to dinner with him and an old friend, so when I got this text my day immediately went to shit again!  Apparently my husband had his car parked on the street in front of his brothers (Matt) house, and there friend Kerns, was turning to pull into Matt’s driveway when a woman on a cell phone coming towards Kerns didn’t yield and instead of hitting her head on, he tried to turn fast and the back end of his giant trunk took out the front left bumper of Mike’s car.  Of course the lady on the cell phone just kept on driving…

Luckily it is just the front bumper that is damaged and no frame work but it still sucks a big fat one!!! Mike has barely had this car 6 months and its just a big inconvenience.  His friend has insurance of course and the cops came and in the end everyone was ok (I keep trying to remind myself of this) but it was still a really shitty ending to our day!  Tomorrow Mike will get a rental and his car will be sent off to be fixed so we are hoping its not a lengthly process.  My husband works in insurance so he doesn’t freak out about this kind of stuff (or anything) as much as I do, but I know he was pretty pissed too.

So yea today was pretty much a bust or as I am going to call it a, “WTF Wednesday”.  I wasn’t even going to blog tonight because I feel like such a Debbie Downer but it saves me from re-telling and explaining the story 20 times (Mom)…

So in closing… yield for on-coming cars and don’t be an a-hole on your cell phone while drive….



NOOO I am NOT prego!  But I have been cleaning and nesting like a mofo this week!  I moved my office to a different room in our house, cleaned out our entire attic and have pretty much cleaned out and organized every drawer and closet in our entire house.  It is spotless and organized and I feel GREAT!!!

Last night I got an early birthday present…

My birthday isn’t until August 14th but I have really wanted an e-reader.  I did alot of research between the nook and the kindle and I decided to go with the nook because of the option to lend from your local library.  I got my first book last night…

So far the book is great!  I read way to late which is why I never got around to blogging:-)!  I have the perfect little reading spot in my bedroom…

Yes I’m sitting there right now… and yes I’m off to read:)!!!  Tune in tomorrow to hear all about my first bootcamp class tonight!  I decided to dedicate an entire post to telling ya’ll how much it rocked my socks:)!!!



Today I signed up for something that I have REALLY been wanting to do for awhile now…

A gym that is three minutes from my house has an outdoor bootcamp class that meets on Tues. and Thurs. evenings and I joined the class:)!!!  The class starts next Tuesday but there current session ends this coming Saturday and I was welcomed to join the class so I get a freebie!  The class lasts six weeks and there are about 15 women and men signed up already.  The instructor is RIPPED and is a personal trainer studying to get her masters degrees in post rehab therapy.  Not only I’m I siked to get my ass kicked but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I meet some nice people.

Hopefully all of you stayed cool today!  Today was the hottest its been in Ohio in 20 freaking years!!!  The news said at one point today it felt 115 degrees out….

Needless to say I drank a TON of water today and did my HIIT workout in the air conditioning.  Todays workout consisted of THIS, I added my own twist onto this workout and added 15 minutes of jump roping and running.  I also finished my workout with Heather’s awesome ab routine:)!

I’m SOOO excited tomorrow is Friday!  I have some fun things planned and I’m ready to get this party started!

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.- Buddha

Mother Nature…


I woke up this morning and could barely walk but I had to because our basement flooded again.  Seriously f…you motha nature :-/!

However instead of letting my morning ruin my day I didn’t!  I made the most out it and reminded myself a little water isn’t the end of the world… my hubby was so proud!  So now after cleaning the entire basement, working all day, working in the yard, working out, and walking to the store while making a pitstop to share some ice cream…

I’m now hot and tired and all I want to do is take a shower and crawl into bed so… I’m going too:)  But check out this killa workout I did today!!!  I pushed myself and did three rounds!

“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself”- Buddha

Choices… choices


We just had some pretty brutal storms blow through here so I think it’s finally safe to type and not be electrocuted:)  Happy Monday ya’ll!  Today was another brutally hot day outside and a slow one at work so I found many things to pass the time:)

I mixed shades of nail polish to create a cool purplish and then painted my nails:

I tried out some new Crystal Light Green Peach Tea Mango (YUM) that I bought this past weekend…

On my lunch break I ran to K-Mart to buy a stop-watch and a jump rope (I’ll explain) and while I was there I saw two idiots get arrested for shop lifting (seriously dumb asses).  And I finally broke down and bought a new robe wrap…

My mom and Mike will be so happy:)  I’ve had the same “Hello Kitty”(don’t judge) wrap robe for years and LOVED it but it was looking a little haggard and K-Mart had them on sale for $9.99 so it was time to say goodbye to “Hello Kitty”:(!

So after work today I did a KILLER workout off of  If you jump to 3:10 you can watch the workout…

This was BRUTAL!!!!  It took me a hell of a lot longer than 20 minutes but I was seriously dripping with sweat by the time I finished so I was a happy camper!  If you looking for some great HITT workouts this website is your best bet!

HITT workouts burn a TON of calories which means I can eat more…

I just found out there opening one in Akron and I am SOOO pumped:-)

Confession Time…

So I know awhile back I said I was 98% sure that I was going to run the Akron 1/2 Marathon, well….  now I’m not so sure.  I’m still haven’t even registered.   Running a half marathon was ALWAYS on my bucket list and now that I’ve done it I’m just not as driven as I was before.  My training has been LACKING to say the least.  I’ve still been running but I’ve also been walking, biking, kick boxing and doing fun workouts like I did today.  It’s been so hot out and with no one to run with I am just not that ambitious.  I’m really enjoying my summer and still staying in great shape so I’m actually not that unhappy with myself.  I will run another 1/2 marathon it just probably won’t be in Sept.  I have a good friend running in Columbus in October so I may set my sites on that instead.  Choices… choices:)  I had to share this with everyone though in case you wondered why my blog wasn’t all about running again!

Thanks for all the comments about my tat:)  Again, I know there not everyone’s “thing”, but my sugar skull is healing beautifully and I could not be happier!

Sorry Mom…


Today these tooties went from this…

To this…

Yes, this lady got a NEW tattoo today and YES, I’m using my blog as a way of breaking it to my mommasita:)!!!  I used to call my mom immediately after I got a tattoo and say, “Guess what I just did?” to which she would then respond, “Whattttttttt….”, and then I would break the news!  Today’s tattoo marks number 10, but technically nine since it’s a cover up, right?:)  I originally had my zodiac sign(Leo) on my foot but over time I got SO sick of people asking me if it was a snake and it just wasn’t the best looking tattoo.  My new tattoo is called a sugar skull.

I put a lot of thought into this tattoo and the meaning behind a sugar skull is this:

Since the dawn of time it has served as the symbol for death itself. It has long since insinuated fear, suggesting what is to come and what has been, the reigning icon of darkness.  The skull.

Despite this common perception of it being the icon and symbol for all things dark, it also has a much more significant meaning to it.
Since Aztec times people brought tribute to “The lady of the Dead”
Today, and as it has been for thousands of years, Mexican tradition pays tribute to loved ones lost.

Each year they celebrate “Day of the Dead” in memory of those who have passed. During these celebrations they dedicate gifts and offerings to their dead. This celebration is a somewhat festive occasion, and is held to remember the good memories, and happy times spent with those loved ones.

The “Day of the Dead” is celebrated primarily each year in Mexico, however many other parts of the world celebrate it as well. These celebrations take place on the 1st and 2nd day of November. The celebrations are a tribute to the dead. It coincides with the catholic holidays that take place on those days.

The 1st day of November hosts tribute to children that have died. The 2nd day is a tribute to adults who have passed. Belief also has it that on the second day the souls of the dead join in celebration. The families and friends of deceased loved ones plan and prepare months in advance for “Day of the Dead”. During this time graves are visited, and relatives and friends are known to spend hours on end at cemeteries, some even spending the entire night.

Symbolic to these celebrations are the gifts and offerings dedicated to the deceased. Favorite foods are prepared for dead. Families leave it in their homes or take it to their graves. Offerings of beverages and alcohol are presented to their dead, things that the dead enjoyed, loved and adored as mere mortals are offered to them now, in this new life.

I’m SO happy with my tattoo!  Many people ask me why I like tattoos and if I regret getting any of them, and the answer is always the same…  All of my tattoos are extremely meaningful and personal to me, none have not been spur of the moment.  The way I see it this, life is short and nothing is certain and my motto has always been, “no regrets”.  If you look at our society today, many people are extremely overweight, plastic surgery is at an all-time high and our society is always telling us how we should be.  But what is really, truly normal?  If normal is being boring and always acting like someone you don’t want to be, then consider me NOT normal.  I don’t care what people do with their lives so I could give a shit if they care about what I do with mine:)!  To quote my favorite saying…

“Well-behaved women rarely make history”- Laurel Thatcher

So while tattoos might not be “your thing” just accept the fact that they might be someone else’s thing and if you judge a book by its cover you’ll miss out on a lot of amazing things in life!

What do you think…

Should I get a real gold tooth to match my tattoos gold tooth:)?  Just kidding folks… just kidding!