She’s 50!!!


I’m sad the weekend is over and I’m already writing my weekend recap:(!!!  This past weekend Mike and I packed up our bags and a cooler and headed to Kelley’s Island!  Like I said in my last post, Saturday was my moms 50th birthday and her and my step-dad got a house for the week on the island!

Friday when we got to the ferry to head over to the island it was extremely gloomy and COLD!!!

Once we got to island we headed right to where we would be staying, “Daze Ease”.  Isn’t this place the cutest!

The living room…

The kitchen…

The dining room…

We headed outside to enjoy the view and conversation…

We also had fun with these…

My parents rented a golf cart for the week so the rest of Friday was spent drinking and exploring the island!

Saturday was the big day my momma turned 50!!!  My Aunt Kerry (my moms sister), Uncle Russell and Russell’s brother and his wife got over to the island around noon and then it was time to party!!!  We had some drinks at the house and then headed to the winery.

Now my goal was too take pictures everywhere we went but the drinks were flowing and going down pretty good so they rest are pretty sporatic…

We did manage to get the glasses back out:)

After the winery we stopped back at the house and had a couple more drinks and then headed into town to Casino (a bar not an actual Casino).  There was awesome band playing and they sang, “Happy Birthday” to my mom:)

After we danced and sang at Casino we headed over to another bar that had karaoke…

I’m not sure what my mom is singing here but I’m sure it was as delightful as this picture!

Eventually we made it back to the house and it was time to eat and serve the cake Mike and I brought!

And then I went to bed… at 7pm:)!!! Yes folks a day of drinking on the islands will put you in bed very early!

Mike and I had a GREAT time and were sad to come home today!  Thank you to my parents for a wonderful weekend and “Happy Birthday” momma your 50!!!


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  1. Awh it looks like you had a ball. And looks whos 50!!! she can stretch and kick because karla is 50! 50 years old!!!!!!

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