Office Etiquette


It has been a long day, if anything in the following post offends you please send an email complaint to http://www.idon’  Thank you:)!

Today I thanked the good lord above that 85% of the time I work by myself, in my pajamas in the comfort of my own home!  Once a week however I make the 45 minute drive downtown and work out of my clients’ building where they keep an office for me. We have brief meetings, I pick up mail, questions get answered more easily and problems get fixed quicker.

But boy oh boy do I NOT miss working in the standard workplace anymore!  I’ve been at my current job now for almost a year and a half and have had SO many people tell me that they could never get used to working from home, but trust me… you could!  I am probably a 110 times more productive working from home than I ever was at my old job in an office.  Today was one of those days that reminded me that it isn’t that I’m not a “people person”, I’m just not a “stupid people person”!

All of what I am about to explain happened to me today.  If you have to ask yourself, “Do I do that?”, you probably do and you should STOP doing it immediately:)!

7am-  I listened to a gentleman on his cell phone talk LOUDLY about his date that went badly.  He explained that, “she just didn’t look like her picture” (do they ever).  Apparently he thought since it was so early no one else was on the floor already working but I was and although it made for good eavesdropping it was still VERY annoying.  People that talk extremely loud on their phones in public or while working annoy me make me want to punch them in the face!  This also applies if you are in line to check out for ANYTHING!  Put down your cell phone for 5 minutes… I promise you will survive!

9am- I walked to the cafeteria to get some coffee and water.  I never cease to be amazed by what some people choose to wear to work. While most grown adults know what business casual means, many DO NOT.  I have tattoos, but while at work… I cover them up.  I have breasts, but while at work… I cover them up.  I have a booty, BUT while at work… I COVER IT UP!!!  This will sum it up:

11am-  Part of my job is billing my customers for the service my company provides to them, this is NOT fun.  Let me preface by saying my company is one of the most affordable and proficient companies in my field out there, basically we do a great job for a fair price.  However people do not like paying bills and will do anything to get out it.  I had a lady call me today and explain that when she signed our contract she had just gotten her wisdom teeth removed and was extremely high on vicodin!  Really?!?!  Bottom line, don’t lie to get out of something especially $$$ related most of the time it will only bite you in the ass and you’ll end up spending more!

1pm- An associate sent me an email asking a simple question then ended the email saying she needed the answer ASAP.  I literally turned around in my seat and gave her the answer.  Why is it that people find it so hard to get up and take two steps to ask a question or to pick up a phone these days instead of sending 20 emails to get a simple answer.  People are LAZY!!!

3pm- Part of the fun of actually getting to work is the drive there!  Since I left the office early I didn’t expect much traffic, but of course I was wrong!  It’s Ohio and there is always construction somewhere and today I had the pleasure of being stuck on a single lane highway for 3 miles while a very “intelligent” woman in her golden years did 70 mph on my ass (in a 50 mph when I was already doing 60 mph) on her cell phone (of course) while sporadically beeping her horn and flipping me off.  I’m not sure if she wanted me to disappear into thin air or she was offering to pay for my speeding ticket when I got picked up.

This now concludes my bitch session, thank you all for letting me vent.  Although nothing is forever, I pray to the work gods that I can keep my current gig forever.  I love my job and my client is awesome.  On the days that I think working from home is lonely and monotonous I am quickly reminded that all is well, when my only morning obstacle is making a pot of coffee and I am able to stumble into my home office at 7:30am in my pajama’s and unwashed hair:)!


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