Bad blogger…


I really have no excuse for why it’s been so long since I last blogged besides I’ve been a bum and just haven’t felt like it!  I opened my google reader today and had 86 blogs to read:(!!!  Work has keep me so busy sitting in front of a computer all day, that it’s the last thing I want to do again at night!  So, instead of typing loads about what I’ve been up to I will use pictures to help get the job done faster:)!!!

Thursday my step-dad came over and Mike took the day off of work to re-stain our back deck.  While they got most of it done it rained (surprise, surprise) so we still have a portion Mike and I have to finish.  It already looks SO much better though and we can’t wait to finish it completely and have some of our annual backyard barbecues!

Friday night we went to Mike’s annual work patio party.  They had a ridiculous amount of food and alcohol!!!  They really go all out for the kids and include carnival games, a bounce house and this year a petting zoo!

Saturday we made the 2 hour drive back to my home town for my cousin Katie’s graduation party.  It was a beautiful day out so we spent most of the time outside eating, drinking and snapping pictures.  Here is a big family shot…

Yesterday Mike and I purchased a dining room table and chairs! Mike said it would only take him an hour to put it all together but instead it took him four;)!!!

While he worked on that I worked in the yard and cleaned the house.  We had his dad over for a spaghetti dinner for Father’s Day.

Today we were both really missing our niece Mariana so Mike called his sister to see if we could go visit.  We ate dinner with Mari and then played with her for hours.  She will be two in July and is like a little parrot right now!  She loves posing and taking pictures…

Mike and Mari making funny faces…

Mari in her pj’s before bed…

On the way home Mike and I talked about how we both need to get our butts back in gear with working out.  I have ran several times since my race but I haven’t really gotten back into the groove.  We both have been so busy with work and it’s been raining nearly everyday so it’s been easy to make excuses not to work out.  But tomorrow I am getting my act together and starting to train for my next half marathon (more details tomorrow).

What helps you stay on a regular workout regime?




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  1. Denny’s right! The deck looks awesome! We are throwing another wrench into your workout with Kelleys this long weekend!!! 🙂

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