Save the best for last…


Today I finally got back into the swing of things.  Yesterday was SO busy.  At work I was swamped since I was out a couple days last week and I also cleaned the entire house (god love my hubby he tries, but my OCD ass likes my house, my way)!!!

On my lunch break I had to go to the dentist and get four cavities filled (please don’t judge me, the dentist frightens me more than anything and I’ve learned my lesson and will NEVER wait so long to go back).  All my cavities filled were on the left side of my mouth.  My appointment was at noon and my face was numb until 4pm!!!  I was starting to get worried and since the dentist told me not to eat or drink until the numbness went away I was also very thirsty and hungry!!!  I sent this picture to Mike so he could see my pathetic “smile”…

The afternoon flew by and before I knew it, it was almost time for Mike to get home.  I got our bikes out and ready since we planned on going for a bike ride and prepared dinner for when we got back.  We rode around town for about 40 minutes and got a little over 5 miles in.  We had to keep stopping for traffic and got yelled at to get out of the road by some skank lady smoking a cigarette.  I think we’ll stick to trail riding from now on since our town isn’t exactly “biker friendly”!!!

Once we got back home we made dinner!  Tonight we had turkey franks and broccoli cooked on the grill, it was DELICIOUS!  We also had sauerkraut, my favorite:)!!!  After dinner we were in the mood for a sweet treat, so we loaded up Scoobs and headed to Papa Roni’s to get some ice cream.  We had to get this guy a treat too:)!

So you may of noticed that the title of this post is, “Save the best for last”… Mike and I discussed me running the Akron 1/2 marathon and I’m going to do it AND I’m %99.9 Mike is gonna to do it too:)!!!  I told Mike that it is completely up to him if he wants to take on this challenge but he will NEED to train and that race day will be a personal goal for each of us.  I’m going to register this week once payday hits and then the search will be on for the perfect training plan.  I’m really excited to be taking on another physical challenge and even more excited at the prospect that my husband may be as well!

Life is good:)!!!



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