Memorial Weekend Recap…


Oh I love LONG weekends but I loathe when they’re over:(!!!

So in proper recapping fashion here it goes:


Saturday was an AWESOME day!!!!  Shortly after Mike and I were up and about, he checked the mail and found this…

Back towards the end of January I wrote to my local Walmart and asked for a donation to Team Challenge.  Well I never heard anything from them so I figured it was a lost cause!  I could hardly believe it when I opened the check they sent me to see they gave me $500.00 freaking dollars!!!  I was SOOO happy because I was still $120.00 away from my goal and that meant that I would of had to personally donate the rest, but thanks to Walmart I now have it covered:)!!!  I also got these in the mail…

My new glasses:)  Thanks to I got a stylish new pair of prescription (why do people always ask me that, I don’t wear glasses for fun) glasses for only $15.99!  If you haven’t used this website DO it!!!!

Mike and I then ran some errands and then decided to go on a quick run.  We drove down to the tow path near our home.  It was HOT but we managed to squeeze in a 2.5 mile run. We were sweaty beasts when we got done so we came home, showered and relaxed until it was time to head to Whiskey Island in Lakewood for my BFF Jilly’s 28th bday…


On Sunday I woke up bright and early and headed to my last Team Challenge group training:(!!!  I can’t believe how these last 16 weeks have FLOWN by I have meant some amazing people and made some great friends;)!

Since the race is only 5 days away our runs are starting to taper so yesterday we ran for 60 minutes and I got in 6 miles exactly!  We had a brief meeting after our run to discuss the upcoming races details and thanks to our awesome coaches we all got bondi bands that say “Crones Sucks” on them:)  Our team is having a cook out tomorrow to celebrate the upcoming race as well so I’m looking forward to that!

Last night Mike and I celebrated having today off by going to the movies to see…

We both LOVED this movie and laughed our asses off!  Seriously if you need a good laugh do yourself a favor and go see this movie… now!


Today was sunny and hot so being outside was a must!  Mike and I loaded up our bikes and headed to the tow path.  We rode 5 miles out stopped to take some pictures and then rode 5 miles back in.  Enjoy:)

All in all its been a pretty fantastic long weekend!

If you or your love ones are or have been in the armed services thank you for your service!


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  1. Wow! Looks like a great weekend….I can’t believe that I only have to work 2 days, then off to Virginia. I guess I better make them count!!! See you tomorrow night!

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