Playing catch up…


I feel off the blogging wagon this week.  But I’m back:)!!!  The last few days have been BUSY but fun.

Last Thursday…

I meant up with some lovely ladies for a couple glasses of wine:)

Friday night…

The hubby’s band had practice, so us girls sat outside and chit chatted the night away.  It was finally warm and beautiful out!


Mike and I worked in our yard ALL day!!!

And today…

I woke up this morning NOT wanting to drive to do my Team Challenge run.  It was POURING rain and the forecast did not show signs of it stopping (it did of course right after we finished our run)!

Anyways I got my butt in gear and went and had the BEST RUN!!!! I ran a little over 8.5 miles and had NO digestive issues during OR after my run:)!!!   Becky, one of my fellow Team Challenge runners and I decided to snap a picture of ourselves to prove how crazy we are for running in torrential down pours… yes were smiling:)!!!

Even though its Sunday and I’m always sad to see my weekends come to an end I am extremely excited for tomorrow because Mike and I will be going to see this lovely lady LIVE:)!!!


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