Spring Cleaning


This rainy weather is driving me CRAZY and work has been SO slow this week (not that I’m complaining).  So I have been putting all of my down time to good use…

Yesterday I did an overall on my home office.  All mail, documents, files, filing cabinet were completely gone through and anything that wasn’t absolutely important was shredded and tossed!  When Mike got home from work we ate dinner and then sat down and worked on a new and improved “family budget”.  Between my raise and Mike getting a new car our budget needed a re-vamp.  Finances tend to be is an issue with a lot of couples… basically because they never talk about or only one partner has all of the control and Mike and I refuse to let finances be an issue in our marriage so staying on the same page and communicating with one another is important!  It’s not fun but its reality:)!

Since today’s weather and work load was the same as yesterday I decided to use my lunch break and brave the on and off rain and take care of something that needed ALOT of cleanup… our garage!  We have an older one car detached garage and the previous owners left a lot of crap behind.  I seriously should of taken before and after pictures because it now looks like a new garage.  I organized everything, threw a TON of stuff away and swept it out.  You can actually park a car it now and not worry about a rake or leaf blower falling on your hood!

I also transformed our little shed in our backyard into my “garden shed” (happy mom?  it was her idea).  I was able to sit in the shed and get all of my plants planted in pots.  I planted four flower pots full of Dahila’s…

Two of the flower pots sit on our front porch and two sit on our back deck step.  I also planted a pot with Gerber Daisies that sits on the side entry way to our home…

Now when the sun finally comes back on Friday & Saturday Mike and I can replant our hosta’s, plant the ivy we bought, re-mulch and FINALLY cut the grass… it’s a jungle out there!!!

Tomorrow it’s back to the grind and RUNNING!  Yesterday was a planned rest day but I forgoed my workout today to continue my spring cleaning spree…

What’s your FAVORITE spring cleaning “chore”???


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  1. I am starting a business out of my home so I have been doing the SAME thing lately. Organizing my home office, cleaning out every nook and cranny and the GARAGE…oh the garage. We have a detached crapper and it’s a jungle out there. It’s still a work in progress. Ry has been doing most of the outdoor work the past few days because I’ve been held hostage inside doing some rearranging and cleaning. I love spring cleaning. Feel so rejuvenated and organized. 🙂

  2. Gerber daisies are my FAVORITE! I plant them in my window box every spring. This morning I accidentally popped the head off one of my red ones while admiring it. I felt like a murderer 😦

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