Rite Aid Cleveland 10k


Today was an awesome day!  Today was the day my hubby and I ran our first 10k together:)!

This was Mike’s first race ever so he was pretty anxious and excited.  We got downtown around 6:15 am and parked in a lot near Medical Mutual.  Since our drive downtown was over 40 minutes I had to pee SO bad by the time we parked.  The race started down at the Brown’s stadium and those were the ONLY bathrooms.  They were NO porta potties!!! By the time I found the bathrooms… inside the Brown’s stadium, I then had to wait in line over 10 minutes.  The half and full marathon was starting at 7am and runners were freaking out trying to use the rest room and make it down to the start line on time.  With over 19, 000 runners signed up for all the races and you figure all the runners friends and family the bathroom situation was very poorly planned in my opinion.

After using the restroom Mike and I and my parents made our way down to the start line to see the half and full marathon runners take off.  It was incredible to see all the people that were running.  By the time they all were off Mike and I said bye to my parents and lined up.

My parents walked up the stairs of the stadium to take a picture of all of us runners, can you spot Mike and I?  Were right in the middle and I have my arm in the air!

We started at 7:20am luckily the weather was holding out, it was foggy and misted rain a tiny bit but overall it was extremely comfortable for running.  The run took us through the city and then out on the east side of town.  The scenery was pretty blah, but it is Cleveland so I wasn’t expecting palm trees and sandy beaches:)  The first water stop was at mile 2, Mike and I both grabbed water but kept our pace.  There was only one set of porta potties on the course and they were right after the turn around, around mile 3.5 Again the bathroom situation seemed to be an issue for people because many people were stopping to pee behind houses, dumpsters, in bushes.  Thank the lord above I didn’t have any stomach issues because I would of been S.O.L.  I can’t speak for the half or full marathon course but the 10k needed more porta potties on the course.

Around mile 4 it really kicked in what a great run I was having and how happy I was to be running with my husband.  He was doing AWESOME and having a great run as well!  At mile 5 there was Powerade stop, I passed but Mike grabbed some and then we told each how close we were and really picked our pace up a bit.

The last half mile the crowd was great and there was a small band playing and near the finish line Mike and I sprinted and crossed the finish line holding hands:)!!! (Look for Mike’s bright yellow shirt!)

We finished in 1 hour and 2 minutes unofficially which meant we kept a 10 minute mile pace throughout the race:)  After crossing the finish line we grabbed a banana…

And pretzels, chocolate milk and water… we both felt great!

We didn’t stick around long after we finished but we had a great time and it was awesome to see my hubby accomplish his goal and to run together!

This race definitely siked me up for my upcoming half marathon!!!  3 more weeks!!!


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