Jar of Hearts featuring our cat Davina


So many of you already know my husband plays guitar in a band but what you may not know is that I LOVE to sing.  I was in every choir there was in high school and even into college and have even sung in a few weddings.  Our cat Davina also LOVES music and every time Mike plays guitar or I sing she likes to be right up in the action and rub her head on us… weird I know but kinda cool.  We decided to share a song we learned!  Hope you enjoy and Davina does make a brief cameo:)!


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  1. one thing is for sure ~ you two make beautiful music together and I think Davina made more than a cameo.. 🙂

  2. OMG – I think I could be considered a stalker for how many times I watched this! You two continue to amaze me. Have fun and good luck this weekend!

  3. Ahhh!! Chills!! You probably know that we LOVE that song. 🙂 James sat here and watched the whole thing with me and sang right along! Then he asked who was better, him or “the girl” {you…haha}. I told him you guys would be a great duet. 🙂 So awesome!

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