Busy bee…


This week has flown by and due to the BEAUTIFUL weather I have been so active!  Last night Mike and I went for a bike ride on the trails where I typically run.  The weather was SO nice so getting out in the sun for awhile was a must.

Our bikes BLOW so we now have them up for sale on craigslist so we can buy some good bikes that we can ride for longer than 30 minutes without wanting to quit!  My bike is worse than Mike’s 1980’s ten speed so I tend to complain more… and he complains how slow I am and how much I complain:(!

We rode 4 miles out and then took a breather to take some pics and then rode 4 miles back to our car:)

Today I woke up knowing that I had to get my long run in today instead of Sunday with Team Challenge because this Sunday Mike and I will be running a 10k in Cleveland at the…

I am VERY excited because not only will this be Mike’s first race EVER but it will also be the first one we have ran together:)!  My parents are coming in town to watch us run and it is also there anniversary so this weekend is full of fun plans!

Anyways, this is our “peak weak” as far as my training for the half marathon so missing a long run was just not an option.  So around lunch time today I gathered all my running supplies and headed out to complete a ten mile run… alone:(

The verdict?!?!?

Once again my run rocked today:)  I ran 10.3 miles total and only stopped once at 6 miles to refuel and stretch a bit!  My stomach was good, my mind was clear and my feet were fast.  Whatever issues I had last week are gone and I have never been so excited to run this weekend with my hubby and in a few weeks with Team Challenge!  Life is good:)!

Tonight I am heading to a wine bar with some of my girlfriends for some MUCH needed laughs and delicious glasses of wine!

Can you believe tomorrow is already TGIF!  Have a great night everyone!


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