Let Go…


Tonight I had the run I have been needing to have the last two weeks… the kind of run that reminds you why you run!

After working nearly 2 hours from home today and making the long drive home I knew I could not let this beautiful day pass by without getting a run in.  Mike and I already had planned to run when he got home however I decided since it was SO nice out that I would start my run early and get some extra miles in.  I drove to the towpath and ran 3.25 miles alone and then Mike came straight from work and joined me on another 4.25 miles.  So total for today I ran 7.5 miles:)!!!  That is the longest run I have put in without my training team.  And NO tummy troubles!!!  I always have better workouts later in the day and I only drank my Gatorade (watered down) on the second half of my run and when I was finished!  I also ate some pretzels when my run was over (a tip from my coach)!  So whatever I did tonight worked!  I also find that since my hubby is a new runner every time I run with him I am more concerned on how he is doing so I tend not to self reflect as much… probably why I love running with him so much.  How can you not love this face!?!?

Any time my mind would start to spill negative thoughts into my head on my run I just started repeating…. “Let Go”.  Meaning let go of these negative thoughts, concerns, worries!!!  I WILL finish this half marathon even if I have to crawl over the finish line and any other worries are just a waste of TIME!!!

Today I felt like a runner… today was a good day!


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  1. what do u mean u felt like a runner? You are a runner and I will be there at the finish line every time, screaming the loudest, cheering you on! !!

  2. I’m so glad you had a great run!! You need to have some more confidence in yourself, sister. I can’t wait to be there with you when you finish this race!

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