It’s still shining…


The sun has been shining for almost three whole days now!  Finally it seems as if spring is here to stay!

This past weekend was so much fun so I will recap!

Friday night Mike and I drove up to West Park in Cleveland to hang with some friends.  After enjoying drinks and munchies we eventually ended up at a club called “Stir”, where there was quite the array of people.  Most of the time we just sat and laughed while people watching.  The “dj” would play a song and then act like he was the artist by mouthing the words and fake playing a guitar so naturally we made Jill ask him for a picture with her…

They also had a band playing so we all got up and danced to, “Living on a Prayer”!!!


Mike and I slept in and laid around the house most of the day.  We spent Saturday afternoon over at Mike’s brothers house celebrating Mother’s Day with his mom.  I don’t have any pictures because I left my camera at home (fail) :(!!!!


I woke up to BEAUTIFUL weather for my weekly long run with Team Challenge.  I was SO anxious though:(!  After feeling like death after my 90 minute long run last Sunday and having a horrible week of running I was not looking forward to the 110 minute run planned yesterday.  I hydrated like crazy Saturday and woke up an hour earlier than usual yesterday.  I also added a half of a banana with my peanut butter toast.   My entire drive to the run my stomach hurt because I was so anxious about having issues.

We had a guest speaker before our run, she just ran the Boston Marathon after trying to qualify 7 times!!!  Her story was very inspiring but the more we stood there and listened to everyone talk the more I anxious I became.  I forgot my gel to eat in the middle of the run and right when we started my Garmin watched died.  I haven’t run without my watch in over a year and a half!  So the start of the run was very difficult.  But the more we ran the better it became.  I did stop to walk 4 times but for only 1 minute each time so I ended up running a total of 106 minutes.  So I figured I got in a 10.25 mile run!  My stomach did OK, much MUCH better than last week so I’m going to stay positive and stick with the changes I made this week!

I got home after my run and took a nice LONG shower and then my hubby took me out to delicious lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Akron.  I ordered spaghetti and meatballs and only could stomach a little less than half of it but it was SO good, plus I ate my weight in bread!

After lunch we cruised around and then ended up taking Scooby to go get ice cream as a little treat!  It was so nice out and so nice to spend a little one on one time with Mike, it was a perfect Sunday!

Later today I am heading to my parents.  I have to work close to their house tomorrow, so I’m excited to see my mom and what the flowers look like that I sent her for Mother’s Day last Friday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and mother’s day!


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  1. Ang, I’m so sorry your run was so anxious yesterday! I wish I would have known! I’m glad the rest of your day was nice. Just think, once you hit 10 miles there’s NO DOUBT you can do 13.1. You’re going to do amazing!

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